Blending Art, Technology, and Perfume: A New Chapter in Watchmaking.

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the realm where time meets art, a new contender has emerged. Introducing Novamos, a brand that transcends the ordinary, is dedicated to crafting and delivering smartwatches that redefine how we perceive time. This isn’t just a product launch; it’s a celebration of a new era in the world of timekeeping.

Origins and Philosophy of the Brand: Why We Chose Now to Launch Novamos.

Novamos isn’t just about watches; it’s a philosophy encapsulated in timepieces. Delving into the origins of the brand, we explore the profound reasons that led to the birth of Novamos at this pivotal moment. It’s not just about telling time; it’s about giving time a new meaning and essence. It is also about taking a new and unique approach to watchmaking. Novamos is the first and only brand to introduce scented watches, something that could make the entire watch-wearing world explode with excitement.

Robust Manufacturing Background: Introduction to Our Automated Processing Factory

Step into the heart of Novamos’s manufacturing prowess – an automated processing factory where scale, technology, and output converge to create exceptional timepieces. Discover how our leading-edge production techniques ensure each watch is not just a device but a masterpiece. Watchmaking is a complex process, traditionally done by only those with masterful skills. Novamos puts a futurist spin on this foundation, keeping the dedication to quality while presenting its watches at reasonable prices.

Talent-Driven: The Unique Aspect of Having All Company Team Members with Graduate Degrees

Novamos takes pride in its team – a collection of individuals with graduate degrees and hands-on watchmaking experience. This unique blend of academic background and practical expertise ensures that every Novamos watch symbolizes precision and craftsmanship. The combination of intelligence and the self-discipline required to achieve academic excellence has been a super fuel accelerating the new watch company’s success.

Product Blueprint and Future Strategy:

Novamos’ current and future strategy is focused on a triad of watch categories where its innovative approach and execution is sure to have an impact on the industry.

High-End Mechanical Watches:
In homage to the legacy and evolution of classic mechanical watchmaking, Novamos sets the stage for an extraordinary collection that transcends time. These high-end mechanical watches feature the pinnacle of craftsmanship, fusing history with modern living, and showcase a timeless elegant appeal.

Technology Smartwatches:
Novamos has firmly stepped into the digital age. Its smartwatch line merges intelligence with fashion design to cater to the discerning tastes of the modern urban gentleman. No longer confined by hefty price tags, Novamos introduces a lineup of smartwatches with near-science-fiction features, and peak functionality. These tech-savvy timepieces are crafted to enhance everyday life without compromising on quality.

Outdoor Sports Ink Screens:
For the adventurous souls and those who appreciate the allure of outdoor culture, Novamos introduces its Outdoor Sports Ink Screen line. This series marries the rugged spirit of outdoor sports with the profound essence of ink culture and style. Expect these watches to resonate with those who love sports and fun, and need a watch they can count on to last and thrive during their outdoor pursuits.

As Novamos unfolds its future plans, these three distinct directions mark the convergence of tradition, technology, and adventure. Keep a close eye on the horizon; the journey has just begun.

More Than Just Watches, It’s an Attitude: Openness and Co-Creation

Novamos embraces an open mindset, inviting everyone to participate in shaping the brand. It’s not just about manufacturing; it’s a cultural exchange. Explore Novamos’s inclusive collaboration model, where friends co-write the era together. A fine and functional watch crosses all boundaries and barriers. This is part of what makes the brand so compelling.

Launch of the Novamos Scented Watch

Novamos combines smartwatches with perfume for the first time, introducing the fragrance watch series. Dive into a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual. It’s an ideal smartwatch that looks great and smells fantastic. It is both practical and a conversation piece like no other.

Designing the Smartwatch We Want:

Novamos employs diamond-cutting tools to create a robust appearance, embedding 24 hours where metal meets smart technology. This precision and the end results are awe-inspiring and leave a large gap between the company and its less-skilled competition.

Introducing Novamos Perfume Smartwatch S2 and other top products:

Novamos Perfume Smartwatch S2:
Personalize your scent experience with our exclusive collection.
Classic aesthetics for every occasion.
Health insights integrated with an aromatic experience.
Elegance & Durability combined.
Long battery life and easy charging.
Smart notifications to keep you connected.

Novamos S96 Two-color Selectable Smartwatch:
Angular, gold, and silver options for a tough yet stylish look.
Retina-grade HD resolution display with 70+ sports modes.
Bluetooth call, long battery life, and various utility features.

Novamos S97 11.5MM Ultra Slim Business Smartwatch:
Ultra-slim design with a retina-level AMOLED HD resolution display.
Extensive features, including heart rate monitoring and 100+ sports modes.
Dual-mode Bluetooth call with a 7-day ultra-long battery life.

S98 Actor Quick-to-Change Watches:
Swift style changes with a quick-release design.
Large, illuminated HD screen with military-grade certifications.
Versatile styles and customizable dials for every occasion.
Extensive features for fitness and health tracking.
Stay connected with calls directly from your wrist.

The Future Vision of Novamos: Moving Forward Together

In conclusion, a spokesperson from Novamos commented, “As we unveil Novamos to the world, we look ahead. Time doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. Novamos is not just a brand; it’s a journey, a shared vision of moving forward together into the future.”

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