WoodTalk interactive eco-panel will interpret the environment for you and you will love it!


Woodtalk is a new interactive information eco-panel designed to improve the experience. Have a look to the video. You see, it is fun, educational and holds variable content, which can even change automatically according to the season. Woodtalk is the result of a research project conducted by Spanish companies and Tecnalia Research center aimed at enhancing the information that users receive.

These “talking panels”, make it possible to include unlimited languages for tourists, as well as significantly enhancing the information provided through sound recordings and augmented reality content with an APP.


Some of its reported benefits include:

  • Touch sensitive panels that make it possible to provide different information based on the user’s choices, interactive games so that you can learn by playing and soundscape applications.
  • They proactively attract attention when a user is detected.
  • Self-powered panels with solar panels, so no need to connect them to the grid.
  • Panels made from local timber with sustainable forest management certification, complying with

environmental and sustainability criteria.

Check out this amazing video of the Interactive Eco-Panel

The development has numerous applications for tourism: environmental interpretation, cultural heritage, museums etc. You can find them in the north of Spain. Doesn´t sound like a smart summer plan?