DOX LLC is An integrated commercial & multi level marketing company

DOX LLC  is Selling top quality and latest fashion clothes, luxury watches, sunglasses, accessories, casual/classic wears, Discounts cards & discount  packages..

DOX LLC  is a name that most of us have heard about and experienced firsthand how it is to be associated with a group that sells nothing but high grade quality.

Products from the company guarantee investments and therefore when one buys a product directly from DOX LLC he/she becomes an investor.

And that’s not all. With their huge client base and retail stores spread over Egypt namely in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Portsaid and Monofya, and of course the business hubs USA and the UK, DOX LLC  is a company that is not only focused on its retail business but also for the development of the society.

DOX LLC provides the elderly and the youth with fail safe ways to start with their very own safe investments beginning with small capitals only.

DOX LLC takes complete responsibility of all the overhead losses and also marketing along side by side with VIGOR Organization which specialist in the training of individuals so that they can take responsibility of their own business.

Founded by MD.Mr. Mohamed Hassen in 2015, Dox  LLC successfully retails in their own Swiss made watches, sunglasses and suits .

Coach Mohamed Hassen also runs the Vigor Organization focused on training the company’s marketers with state of the art technology and the latest marketing trends to help businesses stay on top of their niches.

But that’s not it. VIGOR Organization, helps budding entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses successfully focus on training them about multi-level marketing or MLM as it is commonly known.

The company has a strategy that focuses on talking to budding entrepreneurs it is associated with to find out what exactly they want from their life and business and then showing them what Dox LLC & Vigor Organization should offer them to help them achieve their goal.

The entire team at Dox LLC has a combined vision, to bring Dox LLC and everybody connected with it to the top.

The entrepreneurs that the company has taken under its wings are trained to become masters with MLM, to focus on bringing success to their business and contributing to the name and fame of Dox LLC. The help and support is extended to the people without any strings attached.

Dox LLC is a company that isn’t profit oriented and takes complete pride in its success stories with people it helps bloom.

DOX LLC, Vigor Organization and its founder MD.Mr. Mohamed Hassen aren’t ostentatious in the least. Owning their time and money,

Dox LLC is a name that is more focused on giving it back to the society.  With its responsibility of helping the young and the old with safe investments and their training of network marketing, DOX LLC & Vigor Organization focuses more on showing the light at the end of the tunnel to people counting on it.

Dox LLC is a name of success. The company knows where its headed and has now started taking individuals with goals of success along as well.

DOX LLC & Vigor Organization are focused on showing people how it is done best and then taking pride in how they achieve everything.



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