Renowned philanthropy expert, entrepreneur, and speaker Kristina Joy Carlson, CFRE unveils a groundbreaking approach to personal and organizational transformation through the concept of “Outrageous Kindness.”

MEMPHIS, TN, December 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Economic instability, wars, climate change, and a changing labor landscape have left businesses, organizations, and individuals feeling helpless and defeated. In actuality, too many people and organizations are lacking clarity and purpose. According to philanthropy expert Kristina Joy Carlson, outrageous kindness is the change catalyst we need.

Carlson’s three decades as a business leader and philanthropic expert have taught her many things, not least of which is the vital role that kindness, partnered with action, plays in allowing individuals and organizations to achieve the impact and transformation they seek.

“It starts with the belief that change is possible, at every level of life—from the individual to the largest corporations. We get so stuck in our daily routines, our back stories, our beliefs. The simple act of believing that what we do matters and can make a difference is so powerful.” –Kristina Carlson

Backed by her extensive experience in leading businesses, guiding nonprofit institutions, and steering fundraising efforts worldwide, Carlson introduces the KIND Method—a roadmap to a better life and a triple bottom line for businesses.

Driven by outrageous kindness, the transformative approach of recognizing and acknowledging the inherent value of the people with whom you interact and listening from that perspective, Carlson’s signature KIND Method is a roadmap to creating massive impact in your life, your work, and the world:

K: Know More: Kindness begins with a sincere intention to know more at the end of the conversation than you did at the beginning. It requires listening, understanding, and empathizing.

I: Identify Your Impact: Practice enlightened self-interest by building clarity around your goals and the impact you make. Recognize the impact and importance of being kind to yourself, as it lays the foundation for being kind to others.

N: Normalize Change: Embrace change and its inevitability. Create standard responses to change. Inform others of their impact and provide grace in the face of life’s uncertainties. Standardize responses to change, fostering a resilient and adaptable environment.

D: Dance: Enjoy the work and celebrate your successes. Keep your perspective trained on the “why” behind your actions, and develop strategies for continual growth and success.

“Outrageous Kindness is the path we need to follow because everybody has something to contribute to making their lives, their businesses, and the world a better place.” –Kristina Carlson

Founder of the KIND Method and Managing Director of Global Philanthropy at Carter Global, Kristina Joy Carlson guides transformational capital campaigns, advises on 8-figure gifts and grants, creates bespoke training programs, and develops innovative technologies for some of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations. She helps nonprofit institutions across the globe secure the philanthropic resources they need to maximize their purpose, including Habitat for Humanity International, World Vision International, and Special Olympics. She is a highly sought after speaker and co-author of the bestselling Essential Principles for Fundraising Success.

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