Craft Holsters, a custom leather holster maker, has just launched their Raptor holster, the most comfortable cross draw carry solution to the day.

TUALATIN, OR, May 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cross-draw holsters are an excellent choice for car carry or sedentary jobs, but they are often said to be quite uncomfortable, especially in case of people of bigger build. In order to rid cross-draw holsters of all the negative associations as far as comfort of carry goes, Craft Holsters has just introduced their brand new cross draw leather holster called Raptor.

The Open Top Cross Draw Holster – Raptor is the company’s first cross-draw rig featuring an open-top design. Such a construction promises an instant access to the firearm, rapid draw and intuitive re-holstering. Material-wise, the Raptor holster is fully made of full-grain Italian cowhide and sewn together with high-quality German threads. The most crucial parts of the holster are reinforced with double-stitching, which enhances the holster’s durability and longevity.

However, what truly sets the Raptor holster apart from the rest of leather cross draw holsters is the way it behaves on the belt. When properly attached, the holster and firearm sit in a 65 degree angle, preventing the rear end of the firearm from sticking into the carrier’s gut, a frequent source of discomfort with most traditionally-designed cross draw gun holsters. This is a very important feature especially for those who spend hours on end in a seated position such as truck drivers, office clerks, or even undercover detectives.

Thanks to the two attachment points (belt slots) on the back of the holster, the Raptor also delivers great stability on the belt, which is vital for safe everyday carry the holster has been designed for. It’s also important to mention that the Raptor cross draw leather holster is compatible with 1.5 inches wide gun belts. Even though cross-draw holsters are meant to be carried outside the waistband, the Raptor’s ride height as well as narrow profile result in fairly easy and effective concealment, which is why the holster is a good choice for both open and concealed carry.

Interestingly, it was not the company that named the holster, but rather their social media followers. “We always want to keep our fans and customers as involved as possible, not just by giving them a chance to post their feedback on our products, but also in the actual designing process,” said Viktor Kovac, the founder and current CEO of Craft Holsters. The name Craft Holsters’ followers chose is actually well-aligned with all the important specs of the Raptor holster, the design of which is quite aggressive and predatory-like.

The Open Top Cross Draw Holster – Raptor comes in both mahogany and black colors and is currently available for right-handed shooters. Most importantly, the holster can be custom fitted for hundreds of different semi-auto pistols and revolvers and it’s quite reasonably priced at MSRP of $79. Just like the rest of Craft Holsters’ custom leather holsters, the Raptor holster is also backed up by premium Lifetime Warranty and subject to a 30-day trial period.

Craft Holsters offers a wide variety of comfortable leather holsters for everyday concealed carry. The company currently holsters over 2,300 semi-autos and revolvers for both right- and left-handed shooters.

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