Launched on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

NEW YORK, NY, March 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you want to commute, get outside, and breathe some fresh air without being stuck in traffic, is there a better transportation option than a bicycle? For a very long time, bicycles have served as a familiar and excellent form of transportation in our lives. More recently, foldable bicycles and electric bicycles have been invented with enhanced convenience. People may ride bicycles anytime, wherever, especially since folding bicycles are portable.

However, folding bicycles’ driving speed is slow. It weighs a lot, and it takes a long time to fold. The ‘POP-CYCLE’, releasing soon on Kickstarter, is a new concept folding bicycle that perfectly overcame these shortcomings.

One-touch sliding of the body frame and one-touch adjusting of the handlebars and pedals to fit the user’s body shape are distinctive features of the POP-CYCLE. With just one POP-CYCLE, anyone of any age or gender can adjust it to fit their body type, so the whole family can use it together. Also, since the sliding method has a folding efficiency of 82%, two to four POP-CYCLEs can be stably stored in a narrow space or gap, or in the trunk of a vehicle. In the case of a vehicle, it can be easily stored in the back seat legroom. Unlike other folding bicycles, the handlebars and pedals can be folded with only one touch as well as the height adjustment, making folding faster and simpler.

The POP-CYCLE offers outstanding convenience in terms of mobility. Due to the body frame folding structure, conventional foldable bicycles need to be lifted by hand when moving. Even after folding, POP-CYCLE can be moved 360 degrees on wheels without having to lift it heavily, so it is very convenient to carry.

Existing foldable bicycles are often unsatisfactory in running speed because of their small wheels and required excessive physical strength especially when driving on hilly roads. The POP-CYCLE is equipped with a 2-speed gearbox that doubles the number of wheel circulation when pedaling once, enabling you to enjoy the fast speed as much as you want and can climb hills much easier.

Exclusive customization services for POP-CYCLE are only available on Kickstarter. You can customize the product frames with the color you want, and you can engrave the letters with the desired phrase on the sliding body with an additional price. To quickly and simply scan the order number, production date, and vehicle identification number of your bicycle, QR codes can also be engraved.

One of the developers of POP-CYCLE said, “I developed a folding bicycle so that my old, weakened father could exercise wherever and at any time. It was designed to create a product that can be transported in a car, is lightweight to fold, and is convenient for my father to use. We researched and developed for five years to create portable bicycles – which is a type of eco-friendly transportation that is mostly ridden for people’s daily transportation – with better convenience. This is how POP-CYCLE was born. Also, we expect to make daily life convenient and beneficial to the environment with eco-friendly folding bicycles that reduce time, cost by dramatically reducing the total manufacturing process through the die-casting process.”

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