GRETES, a fashion brand known for its innovation and sustainability, is now introducing the second Dream No.2 collection — a line of sleepwear designed to inspire and captivate customers.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, April 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Youthfulness as a way to create

GRETES’ designer and founder, Grėtė Švėgždaitė, sees the youthfulness of the brand as an opportunity to explore and delight customers with new and innovative design decisions. There are many differences between the brand’s first and second collections. The first collection was loose-fitting and minimally detailed. That’s why this time around, GRETES opted for fitted silhouettes, intricate details, and even a touch of provocation.

Developing a detailed collection like this comes with specific challenges. The designer says “One of the essential aspects is to ensure that our products are recyclable in the future, which is currently only possible with 100% single-fiber pieces. This led us to the realization that the details of the clothing must be made from the same fabric as the clothing itself. However, this presents a challenge because the material is incredibly smooth and soft, much like silk. Creating small details requires a lot of skill, diligence, and patience from our seamstresses. For example, it took twice as long to sew a single pair of pants as our first collection. Although adding these intricate details results in a higher production cost, we remain committed to upholding our quality standards without compromise”

Sleepwear That Combines Style and Comfort

According to Grėtė, The uniqueness of the Naia™ fabric allows the brand to achieve this perfect balance between style and comfort. This fabric is incredibly comfortable, soft, gentle and feels like a second skin. That is why there is the freedom to experiment with clothing design, knowing that the quality of the fabric alone will make almost every garment comfortable. The designer adds that: “Feeling comfortable is vital, and if a garment looks nice but uncomfortable, I won’t wear it. All women should feel the same way. I want them to be able to put on a piece of clothing and ask themselves: is it comfortable? Do they feel free? Once they’re happy with how they feel, they can look in the mirror and be amazed at how gorgeous they look.”

Consequently, receiving positive feedback from customers and seeing women wearing nightwear on more occasions than just at home or in the bedroom is the greatest success for designer Grėtė Švėgždaitė.

Earthy tones and natural materials as a time capsule

GRETES sleepwear has been thoughtfully designed with a particular color selection for a few reasons. Firstly, the colors chosen are timeless and classic, which are the most commonly found in wardrobes. These capsule colors ensure that the sleepwear can be worn for as long as possible without getting boring. Even though technology keeps advancing, Naia™ fabric, made from eucalyptus and pine cellulose fibers, is still the softest and most comfortable choice for loungewear and nightwear. GRETES partners with a clothing recycling company in Germany to recycle leftover fabrics from production and worn-out sleepwear. The company spends time sourcing partners and ensuring quality to maintain a consistent circular production chain. This effort reinforces GRETES’s commitment to sustainability and responsible production.

GRETES, founded by Grėtė Švėgždaitė in Lithuania, is offering clients a collection of nightwear and loungewear from Naia™, an innovative, sustainable, ethical material whose texture closely resembles silk. The brand is committed to representing a continuous journey of seeking a balance between fashion, nature, and the individual, focusing on everyone’s quiet elegance.

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