Understanding the roller-coaster ride of estrogen which directly manages serotonin, the driver of all human behavior

CARMEL, CA, March 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — There’s barely enough guidance for women entering perimenopause which can be debilitating for 25% of them.

For spouses, it’s a case of getting blindsided! One day, things are fine and then suddenly, you can take your pick (occasionally in the same hour):


This is generally occurring mid to late 40s and many husbands are completely unaware of what’s going on. Worse yet, the common response is anger and/or fear on their side. Needless to say, many divorces are born out of this lack of knowledge.

Science has a pretty good handle on what driving this even if her OBGyn or primary doctor doesn’t…expect a litany of benzo, SSRIs, sleep, and heart meds all with brutal tolerance that builds with time.

The key is to understand that estrogen can go through a wild roller-coast ride as it plummets. It’s not just about reproduction. Not even close! There are estrogen receptors on every cell of her body and brain.

For example, estrogen directly drives serotonin which is the master regulator of all human behavior:

Brain repair

For roughly a quarter of women (that’s about 250K in the US…each year!!), the flux in estrogen is extreme. There are tools to smooth out this effect but just understanding both the cause and time frame can be a huge deal for significant others. In fact, she may not know herself which, unfortunately, is very common. No one warns her about perimenopause as if it’s taboo. It just hits you over the head!

A look at the whens, whys, and how to survives here:


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