Renowned geriatric oncologist, Susan J. Littman, M.D., embarks on a fascinating journey through the medical world in her new podcast documentary series, Picture of Health. The premiere episode is streaming now.

AMBLER, PA, March 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of medicine with Picture of Health, the new podumentary series hosted by Dr. Susan J. Littman, esteemed Medical Doctor and Oncologist at the Crozer-Keystone Health System. In case you still don’t know, podumentary is a podcast documentary, and it has proven to be the perfect medium for getting across Dr. Littman’s message to what promises to be a wide and diverse audience.

Spanning five exciting episodes, Dr. Littman’s highly anticipated Picture of Health finds Dr. Littman sharing her insights and experiences working in the geriatric field of medicine. Specifically, she explains what has changed since Covid began and what may never again be the same. With her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach, Dr. Littman provides valuable information and inspiration for anyone interested in pursuing a career in geriatric care or simply wanting to learn more about this important aspect of medicine.

“I have been so excited to launch this web series and I’m thrilled that the time has finally come,” confesses Dr. Susan Littman. “I hope this show provides guidance and inspiration to anyone out there who might be thinking about pursuing a career in medicine. Even those already working in the field should be able to relate and take something positive from the program.”

Dr. Littman has been practicing medicine for many decades at this point, but, unbelievably, this is her first foray into podcasting! One wouldn’t know it upon tuning into Picture of Health which features Susan Littman at her most personable and relatable, as entertaining as today’s best hosts, with medical experience and worldly wisdom in no short supply.

In addition to providing a behind-the-scenes look at the world of geriatric care, Picture of Health also offers handy tips and insights into the reality of practicing medicine in a post-Covid world.

“The pandemic changed everything,” explains Dr. Littman. “When I recorded this first episode, the Omicron variant was still rampant. So, of course, it has been interesting to check in a year later and see how far we’ve come.”

Viewers of the new series can rest assured that the waiting time between future episodes will be a lot shorter now that the program has been turned into a running series, based on the strength of the pilot episode streaming now. Starting in 2023, four more episodes will be rolled out over the course of the year, each one focusing on different elements of medical practice, effects of the pandemic, and more.

Dr. Littman adds: “I am looking forward to 2023 being the year that I really spread my wings when it comes to telling my story in new and exciting ways, taking advantage of today’s technology. Lots of people have kept up with my past news appearances and I hope they serve as an audience for this venture. Picture of Health ties everything together at last.”

So don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable ideas and inspiration from one of the top medical professionals in the field. Tune in to Picture of Health right now and then stick around for a total of five brand new shows covering an array of interesting and thought-provoking content.

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