Learn more about vibrant gemstones used for birthstone jewellery through the professionals at Damiani Jewellers in Woodbridge, Ontario.

WOODBRIDGE, ON, February 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Colourful, gemstone details on fine pieces of jewellery can entice attention and meaning for those who see or wear such items, especially when it comes to birthstone. The professionals at Damiani Jewellers will answer any question about your birthstone jewellery so that you may know each part intimately. They have combined their knowledge into this guide to briefly educate about what stones are considered important to birthdays from each month.

January: garnet, typically the red variation, meaning to some vitality, love, and protection to who wears it
February: amethyst, vivid range of light to deep purples, associated with healing and clarity of mind or spirit
March: aquamarine, light saturated tones of blues and blue-greens, symbolizing marital happiness and keen intellect
April: diamond, colourless or range of colours, associated with incredible strength and eternal love
May: emerald, deep green colour, wearers are said to have increased intelligence and unbiased thinking
June: pearl, ranges from creamy white to black with many colours in between, considered to have a natural meaning of honesty, purity, and wisdom
July:ruby, fiery red gemstone, connected to the idea of strength and physicality
August: peridot, light green with a yellow-ish overtone, thought to bring protection to those who wear it overnight
September: sapphire, typically referencing the popular deep blue shade although this stone can be any colour, these gems are said to shield a wearer from physical harm or bad intentions
October: pink tourmaline, ranges from red scarlet to light pink, thought to relieve stress and have healing properties
November: citrine, orange and yellow tones, associated with healing and happiness
December: blue topaz, light blue to blue-greenish, often considered to symbolize wealth

With so many incredible stones out there, and amazing jewellery designers who utilize these magnificent gems, you will be able to find a piece of birthstone jewellery to express your aesthetic and personality. Damiani Jewellers will guide you through their wonderful selection of gemstone jewellery so that you may find a piece that calls to you; no matter if it’s for yourself or for the birthday of a loved one.

Damiani Jewellers remains committed to being a source of information and luxury within their Woodbridge community. Visit their Ontario jewellery store for an incredible atmosphere to shop for the finest designer jewellery with gemstones that will match your energy and aesthetic.

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