[PRESSWIRE] Los Angeles, CA – 28.11.23 – Joe Exotics survivor, Brandon Wilde comes forward about his sexual abuse and exploitation of him as a minor and knows he is not the only one. Brandon Wilde was Joe Exotics “Magic Assistant” in 2007/ 2008 Magic Show called, “Mystic Magic Of The Endangered.”

Joe Exotics victim, Brandon Wilde comes forward about his sexual abuse and exploitation of him as a minor and knows he is not the only one. Brandon Wilde was Joe Exotics “Magic Assistant” in 2007/ 2008 Magic Show called, “Mystic Magic Of The Endangered.”

Brandon Wilde has recently begun to share more of his history with Tiger King’s Joe Exotic.

In 2020, the Netflix series, Tiger King, gained a lot of attention during the pandemic. It turned into a world-wide phenomenon, with memes and in-jokes covering every corner of the internet. Joe Exotic’s face was hard to avoid. He’s been accused of animal abuse in the past, and this won’t be the first accusations of abuse he will face.

Brandon Wilde, a prominent face in the LA nightlife and entertainment community for his work as an adult entertainer, music producer, DJ, and dancer, has recently begun to share his history with Tiger King’s Joe Exotic. He was groomed and abused right from the beginning on a RV with “John Finley”. Believing there are others, he wants to provide a platform to let others share their stories as well. With Joe Exotic’s new ambition to run for US president, from prison, it’s now more important than ever.

Mystic Magic of the Endangered

For Wilde, it started back in his early years when he first met Exotic. When he was still a minor, he met Joe at the Westgate Mall in Baxter, Minnesota. The show “Mystic Magic of the Endangered” was a mall tour show where Exotic would bring along endangered animals. He would use this show to teach young children about endangered animals. This would coincide with teaching them to not use drugs or abuse alcohol when they’re of legal age. Wilde says he met Joe and his tigers at one such event. He would soon be invited to work for Exotic on the show.

From here, Exotic would take Brandon over multiple state lines, acting as his magic assistant starting in 2007. He was drawn in by all the promises that would later would not materialize or were downright broken. Shortly after his time with Joe began, Wilde recounts being separated from his friend, “Powelle,” before they would even reach the first city. This type of act can isolate the victim and make them more reliant on their abusers. Especially so for minors, when they are expected to trust those in authority over them, and so far from home. It was this type of instance that Brandon claims how his abuse by Joe Exotic began.

Tiger King and Joe Exotic

Fast forward to 2020. Netflix releases their original docu-series “Tiger King”, focusing on Joe Exotic’s tigers, and those he works with. This show became a massive media sensation, for good or bad. Halloween costumes of Exotic and Carol Baskins were everywhere. Social media sites were packed with jokes and memes surrounding the controversies and conspiracies surrounding the two of them.

During all this, Brandon made an attempt to come forward to Netflix. However, Wilde says that they are doing “everything they can to stop him from coming forward.” Wilde also claims they have footage from April 24, 2020, of him being “held emotionally hostage” by Joe Exotic. There is now an active investigation underway through the FBI. Since Wilde was allegedly trafficked across state lines as a minor, it is now under Federal jurisdiction.

Now, with Exotic running for US president, Brandon wants to make his story is heard.- “These guys are all dangerous. The world deserves to know the truth about Joe Exotic Abusing Boys running a magic show for kids entertainment. People are actively donating to Joe’s political scams! Sending him money. He is not a martyr. He is an abuser. And not an advocate for the LGBT community.” Brandon says won’t stay quiet. He bought a gun for protection and says he’s pursuing an order of protection.

Brandon Wilde’s Personal Mission

Wilde believes that there are others out there who also may have been abused by Joe Exotic. When asked why he believes there are others, he claims that Joe’s behavior is repetitive. Wilde alleges he was subjected to videos of abuse. He’s also claims to have seen others either leave the show or get kicked from the RV tour because of Joe’s actions.

Wilde has put together a website, JoeExotic.com, for those who claim to be abused to come forward. Coming forward about abuse, especially involving a celebrity or public figure, is scary and daunting. Victims are often silenced, ignored, or blamed for their abuse.

Wilde tells sources, “I’m coming forward because around the world people are abused daily in all kinds of ways. Silenced just like I have been. I have had enough. These Laws need to change! Actively my abuser is running for President of the United States of America. My country. From prison. People are about to dress again as him for Halloween and I have to watch people idolize him. He is my abuser.”

Statute of Limitations Needs to Change

Alongside working with other potential victims, Wilde indicates that he is beginning to work with lawmakers on the statute of limitations. He believes that the time limit deters victims from coming forward and only benefits the abusers and their enablers.

It can take time for victims to come forward about their abuse. Some don’t even realize they’ve been abused until much later. It needs to be opened up to give victims time to process their own trauma before they’re ready to talk about it. This helps them get the details correct and allows them time to process and check their emotions.

Human trafficking is tragically, a real issue around the world, and especially in the US. Children are being exploited and abused. It needs to end. According to DeliverFund, “It is estimated that between 15,000 to 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the United States every year, and the total number varies wildly as it is very difficult to research.”

Looking Towards Change

Brandon Wilde’s tiger paw tattoos show boldly across his chest. They are a reminder to him of where he came from, and his survival. He says they are a “direct connection in being reborn after the experience.” He says he has a past of abuse from his own father and step uncle. However, due to the Statute of Limitations, his allegations have gone unresolved. The inevitable success of Tiger King has triggered him to come forward in a tragic process after Netflix allegedly silenced him.

His mission is a very personal one. The paws on his chest are a daily reminder, and the children he now advocates for. He hopes that in coming out with this information others will feel confident in doing the same.

Brandon posted & exposed this on X social media ( @brandonwildexxx )