EquityPay continues to revolutionize e-commerce and financial empowerment through innovative market-making solutions.

LAKE MARY, FL, December 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — EquityPay, a quickly growing community of entrepreneurs dedicated to reshaping the financial landscape and fostering economic empowerment, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ADAMANT for the development of market-making software. This collaboration aims to enhance the trading experience for EQPAY coin on P2PB2B.Com and Azbit.com exchanges, providing members with advanced market liquidity tools.

This is the latest development in the EquityPay mission to create and empower a community of entrepreneurs governed by principles rooted in divine and natural laws. This community aims to engage in transparent transactions, abiding by self-regulated bylaws crafted with a focus on honesty and integrity, ensuring fair treatment for all members.

The success of the EQPAY coin and its rising level of acceptance across cryptocurrency platforms is one of the foundations the community is being built on.

As part of this transformative journey, EquityPay has entered into a strategic partnership with ADAMANT, a pioneer in market-making technology through its MarketMaking.app. The collaboration aims to develop market-making software tailored for P2PB2B.Com and Azbit.com, the two exchanges supporting EQPAY coins.

The ADAMANT Market Making App actively trades tokens on crypto exchanges to attract investors, traders, and users. The software creates and maintains specific spreads, liquidity, and order books, all while monitoring prices. This innovative tool allows cryptocurrency owners and market makers to instill confidence in their tokens by simulating realistic trades. The bot strategically places buy and sell orders cancels them, and trades with itself to create volume—all designed to attract new investors and enhance liquidity.

EquityPay’s founder expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with ADAMANT aligns with our commitment to providing our community with cutting-edge tools. The Market Making Software will not only boost trading volumes on our partnered exchanges but also improve the overall trading experience for our community members.”

The partnership between EquityPay and ADAMANT seems certain to enhance innovative market-making solutions further. This collaboration reflects EquityPay’s dedication to fostering a transparent and economically empowered future.

For more information about EquityPay and its initiatives, please visit https://equitypay.org.

The journey of EQPAY began with mining operations in September 2021, followed by extensive testing by miners worldwide. These efforts have resulted in bug fixes and enhanced stability, solidifying the coin’s reliability. EquityPay’s Eco network is designed to leverage the computing power of low-power personal computers, ensuring affordable options for mining and staking activities and promoting widespread participation and accessibility.

For more information about EquityPay and its innovative initiatives, please visit the official website at equitypay.org. Stay tuned for future updates and developments as EquityPay continues to empower the community and revolutionize the financial landscape.

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