TGM has conducted a thorough survey covering interesting dimensions of the pet care market, analysing consumer behaviours and the factors that shape their purchasing decisions for pet products and services.

SINGAPORE, June 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — TGM Research, a global, innovative, technology-driven market research company that specializes in global online data collection and innovative survey technology, has officially released the remarkable findings of its latest TGM Global Pet Care Survey 2023. With data gathered from 40 countries, this survey aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the significant shift in pet owners’ preferences and pet care market.

As pets assumed a more prominent role in our lives, the concept of pet parenthood gained significant traction. Pet owners began to view their responsibilities through the lens of nurturing and caring for their furry charges. The TGM Global Pet Care Survey 2023 revealed that 59% of participants from across the globe consider their pets to be valued members of their family.

In a parallel manner to conscientious parents who endeavour to provide the best for their children, pet parents have begun to prioritise the essential aspects of quality nutrition, veterinary care, and mental stimulation, all aimed at safeguarding the overall well-being of their cherished pets.

Summarised below are key insights from TGM Global Pet Care Survey 2023:

Veterinary Services as the Top Choice for Pet Owners Worldwide, Garnering 67% Preference.

According to the findings, the title of the most widely sought-after pet service globally goes to the trusted veterinarians, who account for an impressive 67% of pet owners’ preferred choice. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to animal welfare, veterinarians have secured their position as the go-to professionals for addressing the healthcare needs of beloved pets in households worldwide. Coming in a strong second, groomers capture a significant share of the pet services market, accounting for 23% of global demand.

“The notable trend of humanising pets has led to a remarkable proliferation of products and services tailored to meet the desires and needs of our cherished animal companions. This trend has been accompanied by a significant emphasis on enhancing pet-related activities, prioritising their overall well-being, and seamlessly integrating them into the daily lives of humans and the shared spaces they inhabit,” says Greg Laski, CEO of TGM Research. “These transformative factors are reshaping the pet care industry and establishing new benchmarks for excellence in pet care practices across different regions.”

Pet Food Shopping Preferences Explored: Supermarkets Lead in North America, European Pet Owners Seek Specialty Chains.

Supermarkets have long been a staple in the retail landscape, catering to a wide range of needs for households. Our study reveals that this trend extends to pet food shopping, where supermarkets maintain their position as the preferred destination for pet owners worldwide. North America, the vanguard of the supermarket culture, proudly boasts the highest preference for this retail establishment, at 52%.

On the other side of the Atlantic, European countries have displayed a distinct preference for pet specialty chains as a primary source for meeting their pets’ dietary requirements, coming second only to the globally renowned choice of supermarkets. Meanwhile, a substantial majority of 29% among Asian pet owners embrace the convenience of virtual shopping experiences, signifying a notable migration towards digital platforms and e-commerce solutions within the region.

Quality and Price are Top Priorities for Pet Food Consumers Worldwide.

Quality and price remain the bedrock of pet food purchasing decisions worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries. However, when it comes to the third crucial factor, intriguing variations emerge among continents. European consumers, renowned for their meticulous attention to product standards, place a greater emphasis on the composition of ingredients, with 57% demanding transparency and a clear understanding of the components that contribute to their furry companions’ overall health and well-being. This emphasis on ingredient composition is also observed in the United States, shedding light on their discerning demand for high-quality pet food. On the other hand, APAC and LATAM consumers prioritise offerings that address the specific needs and health considerations prevalent of their pet, accounting for 49% and 54%, respectively.

Trusting Veterinary Professionals in the West, Embracing Online Guidance in the East.

In Europe, North America, and Latin America, a prevailing trust in veterinary professionals permeates the pet owner landscape, with an overwhelming majority seeking their invaluable expertise to ensure optimal care for their furry companions. However, a fascinating contrast emerges in APAC, MENA, and Africa, where pet owners in these regions exhibit a higher reliance on online sources for obtaining guidance on pet care.

Pedigree is the world’s most known pet food brand.

Amidst the fierce competition among pet food brands, each vying for the affections and appetites of our pets, a select few have successfully positioned themselves in the mind of consumers. In terms of worldwide recognition, Pedigree holds the position as the most renowned pet food brand (16.7%), followed closely by Whiskas (15.3%) and Royal Canin (12.7%).

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