In order to achieve the best dust and gas separation efficiency to ensure no loss of suction, Maircle conducted 30,000 experiments and developed a cyclone filtration system with a dust and gas separation rate of 99.97%.

CHICAGO, IL, May 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Maircle, a leading technology brand dedicated to researching, developing, and producing home cleaning products, has launched its S3 series cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Designed to revolutionize cleaning efficiency, the S3 series features a patented cyclone filtration system, ensuring long-lasting suction power and eliminating the need for HEPA filter replacement for up to 18 months. Maircle’s extensive testing, conducted according to IEC standards, confirms an impressive dust and air separation efficiency of up to 99.97%.

The Maircle S3 series vacuum cleaners employ five-stage filtration technology for optimal performance. Beginning with the bin, the first stage separates the larger, visible particles. A metal mesh filter follows, efficiently capturing smaller particles. Maircle’s multi-cyclone technology, featuring eight meticulously designed cyclones, delivers extreme filtration efficiency. The fourth and fifth stages utilize pre- and post-motor filters to effectively remove even the smallest particles.

While many bagless vacuums utilize cyclone filtration systems, not all cyclonic filters are created equal. It’s the design and structure of each cyclonic filter that truly make a difference. Cyclones operate by spinning air to separate particles from the airflow. Larger cyclones generate a lower G-force, effectively separating larger dirt particles, while smaller cyclones spin air faster, generating a higher G-force to separate smaller particles.

Most cyclone vacuum cleaners use only one cyclone—the bin—to separate dirt and dust from the air, which is inefficient, and dust will clog the filters, causing suction loss. However, more cyclones do not necessarily equate to better performance. The efficiency of cyclone systems depends more on the design, construction, and sealing than on the number of cyclones. Even with an increased number of cyclones, if the structural design is flawed, the separation efficiency will suffer.

After rigorous testing and fine-tuning through 30,000 iterations, Maircle has successfully developed an advanced, patented cyclone filtration system. Dust particles are dispersed and directed into eight independent small cones, where the centrifugal force created by high-speed airflow rotation causes the particles to sink to the bottom while fresh air rises. With the exclusive cyclone filtration system, there is no need for pre- and post-HEPA filtration, achieving an exceptional separation efficiency of 99.97%. This prevents the cyclone aperture from clogging. In fact, if the cyclone filtration efficiency is low, HEPA filters not only struggle to effectively filter but also get clogged quickly. Maircle’s cyclone filtration system eliminates the need for frequent filter maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted suction. Maircle’s HEPA filter has been verified to last up to 18 months without replacement, surpassing the industry standard of 2-3 months for HEPA filter replacement in vacuum cleaners.

The S3 series stick vacuums offer a range of features that set them apart from other models on the market, in addition to the patented cyclone filtration system:
Patented V-shaped and comb-structured floor brushes minimize tangles from hair and debris.
*Green searchlights enhance dust visibility and protect the eyes while maximizing longevity.
*The intelligent LED display provides real-time usage information and alerts for machine failures.
*Self-standing charging and storage base for convenient organization of the vacuum and accessories.
*Extended battery life allows for cleaning up to 2000 square feet per charge.
*Three suction modes cater to different types of dirt for powerful and effective cleaning.
*Diversified set of accessories to meet various cleaning needs.

The Maircle S3 series cordless vacuum cleaners are now available on Amazon.

About Maircle:
Maircle is a leading manufacturer of home cleaning solutions, specializing in cordless vacuums, vacuum mops, and an array of innovative cleaning tools. With a commitment to “No Suction Fades, Just Powerful Suction Lasts”, Maircle is dedicated to making cleaning easier and more efficient for homeowners and cleaning professionals alike. For more information, please visit the website.

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