Fostering Success: In-depth Insights and Strategies for the Amazon eCommerce Platform

SEOUL, KOREA, December 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The first-ever Amazon SELLER KINGDOM International Conference unfolded in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, bringing together a diverse community of Korean Amazon sellers eager to amplify their presence on Amazon USA and Global. The event, hosted by the dynamic SELLER KINGDOM community, featured an array of industry experts and speakers providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon selling.

Leading the charge was the charismatic host, Bopyo, originally born in Korea but currently residing in NYC, USA, who delivered a captivating keynote address. Commencing his Amazon entrepreneurial venture in September 2019, Bopyo strategically explored diverse methods, disseminating crucial marketing and selling tips across social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

Recognized for their impact, these insights continue to benefit a broad audience, and Bopyo maintains active engagement through newsletters and emails. Notably, the SELLER KINGDOM community, influenced by Bopyo, offers a variety of online classes and study groups exclusively dedicated to refining skills in Amazon selling.

SELLER KINGDOM is a vibrant community dedicated to supporting and empowering Korean Amazon Sellers in their journey to success. With a focus on knowledge sharing and networking, SELLER KINGDOM provides valuable resources and events to enhance the capabilities of Amazon sellers worldwide.

The Seoul Amazon Conference showcased a lineup of prominent companies in the Amazon ecosystem, each contributing unique perspectives and strategies for success. Getida, focusing on financial recovery for Korean Amazon Sellers, featured Chief Growth Officer Zion Mazor, who addressed the audience, complemented by an entertaining live Amazon Seller Quiz Show.

BD Inspection, represented by Elson Zhou, took the stage to enlighten attendees on the art of successful purchasing and inspection from China. Helium10, through Bradley Sutton, shared serious strategies designed to help Korean Amazon Sellers crush the competition in 2024.

AVASK, presented by Jacob McQuoid, Head of Business Development, delved into European expansion as a launchpad to international success. Post Purchase PRO, with COO Dylan Pettijohn, provided insights on making more money, reducing ad spend, and standing out from the competition.

STEPSTONE, led by Joonpyo Hong, explored US exports, moving beyond online to offline, offering an all-in-one service supported by a specialized export team. Leadigm, featuring speakers Howard E. Chung and Kang Dong-Woon, covered crucial topics: US design patents as essential protection and business growth strategies utilizing government support projects.

The Seoul Amazon Conference was expertly managed by James from SELLER KINGDOM, a specialist in Amazon selling and marketing strategies. Attendees were also treated to a raffle and an exclusive VIP party in Itaewon, Seoul, providing ample networking opportunities beyond the formal Amazon Seller Conference sessions.

Conclusively, SELLER KINGDOM, as a dynamic platform, has effectively facilitated knowledge exchange and collaboration among Korean Amazon Sellers, laying the groundwork for global success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


SELLER KINGDOM, a dynamic community dedicated to empowering Korean Amazon Sellers, recently hosted the groundbreaking Amazon International Conference in Seoul. Led by the charismatic Bopyo, our vibrant platform thrives on knowledge sharing and networking. Born from Bopyo’s strategic exploration into Amazon entrepreneurship, our community offers online classes and study groups to refine Amazon selling skills. Influencing a broad audience, Bopyo’s insights transcend through newsletters and emails. SELLER KINGDOM’s commitment to global success is evident through valuable resources and events, exemplified by the Seoul Amazon Conference, featuring industry experts and prominent companies. Check out this thriving community at

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