We live in an increasingly technological world. Many of our everyday habits are now tracked with data from smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and other forms of communication.

This data can be powerful, but is often underused and undervalued in the world of business.

But now, nam.R is changing that. Nam.r is a company that allows you to harness the power of data to enrich and build your company and the world around you.


Nam.R. uses non-personal data to help you expand your business. Since 2011, a ton of data from various websites, public databases, proprietary databases, and social media has been openly accessible.

Nam.R uses this data alongside Artificial Intelligence to build datasets that can be used to enrich your internal data, boost your company’s performance, and so much more.


Imagine a world that is educated, proactive, and futuristic. In earlier years, this world may seem to be too good to be true. But now, nam.R gives you the opportunity to make these characteristics of your ideological world come to life.

The vision of nam.R is four-fold.

To begin, nam.R hopes to develop digital twins for non-personal data. A digital twin is a digital representation of a real object, person, or place. As they are linked, more and more can be learned about them and the various cycles they go through. This can build a futuristic world like the ones you see in your favorite Sci-Fi movie. This can help to create full and complete simulations which can help companies and individuals learn how things can and will affect them, helping people everywhere to act proactively instead of reactively.

Second, nam.R can hopes to empower society, giving people everywhere a new and improved way of communication.

Another part of the nam.R vision is to provide localized data to businesses which will, in turn make it easier for local and even non-local businesses to make game-changing decisions based on the needs and expectations of their clients.

Lastly, nam.R wants to enable inclusive and sustainable growth. Our Earth is getting older, and it’s been put through a lot as man continues to evolve. Unfortunately, global rules for things like climate change, sanitation, and clean water have not evolved alongside man. Data acquired through nam.R can help to identify issues around us to help the worlds’ leaders come up with an up-to-date, sustainable growth plan.

The mission of nam.R is mainly to provide local data to business owners so that they can use the data to build new services and innovate existing ones.

The present and the future relies on data that can help your business and our world thrive to create a better, more efficient tomorrow. If you’d like to work with nam.R to build a better tomorrow, contact us today.

For more information, or to request a demo of nam.R today, visit namr.com

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