Mr. Bobby Kamani and his wife ZeeniaKamani welcomed twins Zoran and Zara through surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia

TBILISI, GEORGIA, February 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — ARTbaby Georgia has assisted another intended parent in starting a family with their surrogacy services! Mr. Bobby Kamani and his wife, ZeeniaKamani, have recently welcomed their twin babies, Zoran and Zara, into this world.

Twin babies Zoran and Zara were born via surrogacy at ARTbaby in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Mr. Bobby Kamani (a director at Zuri Group Global and a prominent figure in the hotel sector with operations in Kenya, the UK, and India) said “We are so happy to welcome our twins to the world! This is the start of an exciting new chapter for Zeenia, me, and our children.”

Mr. Bobby Kamani said that he was introduced to Dr. Nayna Patel and eventually introduced to ARTbaby Georgia. He felts thankful while talking to Mr. Ravi Sharma.

This couple is one of our clients who chose to go with ARTbaby for their surrogacy journey as there are many inspiring stories to share.

Surrogacy in Georgia has grown in popularity since ARTbaby Georgia opened its doors in 2011. They have assisted thousands of people all over the world in starting families. The low cost of surrogacy in Georgia has prompted many people to choose the country as their surrogacy destination.

“We are extremely happy with ARTbaby Georgia’s services and thanks to the entire team for the excellent support we received from them. They were professional, informative, and effective,” said one happy couple. You can visit the company website of ARTbaby Georgia for more information on surrogacy in Georgia.

The process begins with an initial inquiry.

Following that, arrangements for logistics, consultations, and medical screening are made to smooth the process. After your arrival in Georgia, a dedicated coordinator in the ARTbaby contacts you to assist you at every step of the process.

Other significant factors, such as laws regarding leaving Georgia with a surrogate baby, are also handled by ARTbaby professionals. However, the ARTbaby website provides some basic information about Georgia surrogacy laws.

Please keep in mind that ARTbaby Georgia is only a medical provider. It is the client’s responsibility to become acquainted with the law ahead of time.

The objective of ARTbaby Georgia is to help childless couples accomplish their dream of starting a family through surrogacy. We are convinced that surrogacy is the last and only option open to childless couples after numerous failed IVF cycles or that it has been recommended as a last resort by the treating IVF physician.

We can ensure that childless couples have a positive experience throughout the surrogacy and IVF cycle thanks to our many years of experience. We also make sure of honesty, confidentiality, and transparency throughout the process. ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre focuses on lowering anxiety, one of the significant considerations as an essential component of IVF treatment. Through our experienced and qualified IVF specialists and paramedical staff, we are committed to providing the finest quality therapy.

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