“The Netflix Video Downloader launched by MovPilot has offered a hassle-free way to bypass all official limitations and download Netflix videos in HD quality without hassle.”

HONG KONG, April 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The leading video downloading software developer, MovPilot has released the well-enhanced downloader for Netflix. We all know that the on-demand video streaming platforms like Netflix would apply encryption methods like DRM to encrypt the streaming media and regulate the rules in playing videos in the platforms. Hence, MovPilot is strike for avoiding them and enable a hassle-free playback experience offline. When its Netflix Video Downloader was launched, the brand-new software quickly defeated many of its competitors and was widely selected as the best way to download Netflix videos. But what highlights exactly hold?

Overall Introduction of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader delivers powerful video downloading functionality by integrating with the official music library. It has abandoned the traditional copy-and-paste method, which ensures an even higher success rate while processing video downloading.

Despite this, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader also guarantees the original quality to output all Netflix downloads, enabling you to have the same streaming experience offline. With the software, you are no longer required to install Netflix app or subscribe to its premium plans, making the videos download and also their offline streaming more convenient.

Great Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader You Shall Not Miss
As the best Netflix video downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is able to deliver certain amazing features to ensure the professional video download at great resolution but efficient speed. Now, keep reading to grasp some highlighted features of the software before getting started!

#1. Decrypt DRM Encryption
Unlike the official download function, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader performs to stripr DRM encryption from all Netflix videos while processing the video download. By getting the DRM-free Netflix videos offline, you are available to transfer them to all devices and play without installing the Netflix app anymore. In other words, you are able to enjoy the hassle-free Netflix playback offline in limitation-free ways!

#2. HD Quality and Original Sound Effects
The software empowers great features to ensure the high-quality Netflix videos download outputs to you. It’ll maintain lossless quality and enables to select up to HD 1080p resolution. In addition, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader will also preserve original sound effects for you. You are available to select Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound option to output Netflix downloads, enjoying them in a cinema-like experience offline at home!

#3. Preserve Full Audio Tracks and Subtitles
When MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader detects audio tracks and subtitles of the Netflix videos, it will also provides the options to let you select downloading them in the languages you need, making the offline playback can be maintained as the original sources directly. Additionally, there are 3 types of subtitle patterns provided for selection, including soft subtitles, hard subtitles, and external subtitles. Just based on your own requirements and choose the option you need.

#4. Super-fast Speed Ensured
To enable a more efficient Netflix videos download process, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has applied multiple acceleration teches to speed up the performance to 5X faster. You are also available to process multiple downloads simultaneously to save even a lot of time. The software will reduce CPU consumption and complete the batch video download for you within a short moment without dragging your computer performance at all.

How to Use MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
Despite the above features, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader also boosts a more convenient download process with its intuitive interface design. Even if you are the first time trying the software, you will find it pretty easy to grasp. Now, also take one more minute and see how to download Netflix videos on laptop via MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader:

STEP 1. Once the software is well installed on your desktop, launch it and follow the instructions to log in via your Netflix account.

STEP 2. After the account is logged in, you are able to access the downloader now. Use the search bar to type in keywords of the videos you desire to download. As MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has embedded with the official library, the upcoming search results will be the same. You are also available to paste the video URL and access the exact video to download it directly.

STEP 3. Before starting to download the videos, hit the gear icon in the upper-right corner to customize the parameter settings first. You are able to select MP4 as the format and download Netflix to MP4. Additionally, the video codec, languages for both audios as well as subtitles are all available to be adjusted here in requirements.

STEP 4. After all settings are done, now return to search results and access the videos you desire to download. Simply by hitting the download icon, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader will perform batch download them for you quickly.

System Requirements
Before getting started with MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, now you are able to pre-check the system requirements of the software and see whether your devices are compatible with it:

Windows OS
System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher; AMD Athlon or faster
Hard Disk Space: 20GB or above free space
RAM: 4G or more of RAM

Mac OS
System: Mac OS X 10.11 and above
CPU: Core 2 Quad or higher
Hard Disk Space: 20GB or above free space
RAM: 4G or more of RAM

Available Pricing Plans
To access full download functionality provided by Netflix Video Downloader, you are required to subscribe to its registered version. Otherwise, you will encounter the limitations in using the download function of the software. For example, under the free trial period, you are not allowed to download Netflix videos at full length.

To bypass such a limitation and download Netflix videos on Mac or Windows at full length, you are recommended to upgrade to the registered version. Here are 3 optional plans provided by MovPilot for you to select:
1-Month Subscription: US$15.95
1-Year Subscription: US$59.95
Single Lifetime License: US$128.95

For more information, you are able to visit the official website and process the license subscription on it directly!

MovPilot will ensure a 100% secure purchase online, and is equipped with the refund policy to ensure every user’s rights. Additionally, its responsive support team will always standby to help when you are in need.

About MovPilot
MovPilot has developed multiple helpful streaming video downloaders to help you easily grasp online videos from Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and Disney Plus in original quality. In the future, it will keep striving to enhance the services and offers better functions to enable great offline video streaming experience.

Contact Information
Official websites: https://movpilot.com/netflix-video-downloader/
Contact email: [email protected]

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