Xtract accelerates ESG Analysis using NLP and generating summaries written with ChatGPT

PARIS, FRANCE, April 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Humpact, a leading extra-financial rating agency, today announced the launch of Xtract, a revolutionary AI-powered app designed to simplify and accelerate ESG reporting. Developed with ChatGPT, the app utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to classify texts and generate summaries on selected ESG topics.

Users can select the report they want to analyze from a list of over 8,000 annual and sustainability reports and choose one or more ESG topics to study, such as emission, gender equality, waste management, supply chain, health and safety, and more (20+ ESG themes covered). Xtract’s powerful NLP algorithms classify tables and texts in the selected report, using classified texts as input to generate summaries written with ChatGPT. This ensures that the company’s original tone and content are preserved.

Within Xtract, users have two ways to access results: through the app and via an API. The app displays summaries alongside the report pages that address the selected topic(s), framing relevant paragraphs and tables for additional context. Both the original reports and the extracts can be downloaded directly from Xtract. The API gives users access to all data (text, tables, and summaries) for all reports and ESG topics, which can be integrated into an existing database.

Features and benefits of Xtract include:

• Efficiency and accuracy: Quickly review major ESG topics for a company, saving hours of manual report analysis.
• Weekly updates: Stay current with the latest annual and sustainability reports as they are published.
• Cloud-based SaaS: Access the latest version of Xtract instantly with no setup time or costs.

Xtract is available as an online subscription, with pricing options of 1,000 euros for a single user or 2,500 euros for three licenses on an annual basis. Monthly subscription options are also available.

Try Xtract for free today! Explore a limited number of companies and ESG topics without registration or credit card.
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Humpact is an extra-financial rating agency focusing on the S of ESG. Founded in 2020 by André Coisne and Hugues Franc, Humpact’s ambition is to have a positive impact on societal issues by helping asset managers to assess the HR policies of listed companies and measure the contribution of their portfolios to societal issues.

This is what drove us to develop Xtract and make our results available to our clients. Whether they are asset managers, investors, consultants or companies, our application is a useful tool to quickly access information and benchmark companies. Xtract by Humpact is complementary to current data providers and allows companies to discover a new way to compare themselves.

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