Dusty Cars, a company providing valuations and fast cash offers for classic cars, is proud to announce the recent sale of an Austin-Healey Roadster. The 1955 classic sportscar sold quickly after a professional valuation and cash offer.

OAKLAND, CA, December 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dusty Cars, California’s top-rated classic car buying service at https://dustycars.com/, is proud to announce the sale of a 1955 Austin-Healey 100 Roadster. Automobiles from this classic brand are hard-to-find, hard-to-evaluation and very valuable.

“The 1955 Austin-Healey is a very sought-after model by car enthusiasts. Production ended in the late 1960s. For this particular roadster, we knew its value and got it to a serious car collector quickly,” explained Douglas Berry, founder of Dusty Cars. “The buyer was thrilled to find it and is enjoying it today.”

The classic car community and other interested persons can review details about the 1955 Austin-Healey 100 Roadster on the Dusty Cars page at https://dustycars.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1955-austin-healey-100-roadster/. The British brand designed and manufactured cars beginning in 1952. Due to many factors, the company stopped manufacturing Austin-Healey’s in 1967 and closed. The short production time for the classic car brand is one reason for its popularity today. The Dusty Cars team has experience with valuation, appraisal, and providing fast cash offers for Austin-Healey cars. The company’s managed the purchase and sale of a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII at https://dustycars.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1967-austin-healey-3000-mk-iii/, and a 1961 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 Roadster at https://dustycars.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1961-austin-healey-3000-mark-1-roadster/.

Dusty Cars is interested in appraising and buying classic cars in various conditions. A team of experts at the Pleasanton, California, site can reassemble and restore classic cars to their former glory. The company is ready to review and provide cash offers for classic luxury cars and sportscars from the 1950s through the 1990s. Car enthusiasts with a specific interest in the Austin Healey brand can review the Dusty Cars page at https://dustycars.com/makes/austin-healey/.


Here is the background on this release. The term “classic car” can apply to automobiles from the 1950s through the 1990s. Most brands, such as Porsche and Jaguar, are still in production today. Classic examples of these brands fall into specific decades. For car enthusiasts, the British-born Austin-Healey brand may be synonymous with classic cars. The Austin-Healey Roadsters experienced a short production time beginning in 1952 and closing the business after 1967. Finding one of these British sports cars in good condition may be considered a rare occurrence. Working with a professional classic car appraiser and classic car valuation service may be vital. A leading buyer of classic cars can help provide a professional Austin-Healey valuation and a fast cash offer.


Dusty Cars is California’s top classic car buyer. The company buys classic cars offering top prices, free evaluations, and best-in-class cash offers. The company focuses on truly “classic” vehicles such as classic Porsches, classic Jaguars (especially the Jaguar E-series), and classic Mercedes. It buys classic Alfa Romeos, Fords, Chevys, and Toyotas, depending on year and condition. Persons who want to sell a classic car fast and fair are encouraged to visit the website and contact a vintage car specialist for a cash offer.
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