India has been the Golden bird, since ages, and we are told, that so many rulers have tried to loot this Golden bird.

The Country has been rich in resources, of all kinds, since the beginning. But ancient India, boasts of richness of its wisdom, its culture, traditions, religions, rich diversity, almost everything. Our sacred texts, Vedas, all, if followed, one can live almost a invincible life, here with Ayurveda guiding the way for physical health and Vedas, for mental and spiritual, well being.

In fact, such was our treasure, that the Rulers who came to rule here, had to destroy our texts, temples, universities, Guru kuls etc. Nalanda University was the first university in the world, built in the ancient times, by our rulers. It was well known for its knowledge & wisdom, in terms of warfare, literature, Vedas etc. In fact, Students from abroad, China, Greece, Persia, used to come here to study, as Students, today are going to US, Australia etc. and boasted about the same in their home-lands. This same university was destroyed by Mughals during 1193 A.D. such vast was the library, in Nalanda university, that it 3 months for this library to burn down completely, by the Mughals. A complete reference can be had here.

Nalanda University

Not just Nalanda, our ancient knowledge of considering all as one, Atithi Devo Bhava, respecting elders, so many other traits, has kept this Nation thriving.

Renowned Scientist from USA, Robert Oppenheimer, claimed in 1845, that “I have made Atom bomb, by studying, Indian vedas, bhahmAstra, and AmoghShastra”. Imagine, the powerhouse of knowledge we have, since vedic times. Ravana, was himself as an eminent Scholar and learned Brahmin. Baba Ram Rahim too, has been quoting in his Satsangs, about Ravana, being great Brahmin. We cook using solar energy, these days, he used to cook in moon light too. He had mastered the art of making Atom bomb, that we know today, during thode days and was a pro, Not just, releasing an atom bomb, he even had the know how, to recall that bomb, if he changed his mind. Now how cool is that!

Ravana even had his own flying vehicle, similar to modern day airplanes. Baba Ram Rahim, basically cites this example to show case, the ill effects of a single evil deed, and ego, which ultimately doomed Ravana. And a scholar like him, depicts the wisdom acquired during ancient times

In fact, Mughals, or Britishers, did every effort to break our backbones. But our Nation, has seen it all and still standing tall. But this scenario, is fast changing, our culture, traditions, religions, languages, all are dying a slow death. India is slowly becoming mini America. He young, the old, all are trying to follow the west in every regards. If we don’t hold back to our value based systems, we may well be extinct, and lose our identity. Our food, has been based on mega sciences, our ancient education system, medicine all has been a boon for us, It’s high time we recognize, these, and get back to our roots. How exactly?

Baba Ram Rahim, has been highlighting the importance of starting to teach values to kids, early on, as early as 5 years, kids can even take “Naam” and start meditation, to derive the benefits of pranayama and Meditation.
This meditation, when done in the right manner, can do wonders for our body and mind, apart from working at soul level. People can open their 10th door, which is the concentration point between both the eyes, and explore the entire universe, within them, while being in this current body.

Transformation at every level begins to happen, once a person starts exploring his inner-self. Great knowledge lies, in the inner secrets of this body, rather than external fronts. Time to go inwards, with true meditation and what follows, will amaze you, at every level.

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