Royal Holiday Vacation Club has helped many of its guests travel safely again. Find out more about the Safe Guest Program and why it’s helping the vacation club.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, December 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always taken the health and safety of its guests seriously. The COVID-19 pandemic made this team realize they needed to take more action to create safe travels for all guests that visit the resorts. Their desire inspired the vacation club to introduce the Safe Guest Program.

The Safe Guest Program kicks up the safety and hygiene protocols that the staff has been following to ensure every surface of the resort is safe for guests to touch. Since the club first introduced this safety program, more guests have felt comfortable returning for a holiday.

The Safe Guest Program has helped Royal Holiday Vacation Club make their guests feel safe returning for a vacation. As soon as guests stepped onto the location, they noticed many changes were in effect. These changes included providing a negative COVID test, face coverings in all common areas, and a busier team of cleaning staff.

The program has helped guests feel more comfortable when they are on site. Guests don’t mind visiting the on-site restaurant for a meal or checking out what entertainment and activities are hosted.

While Royal Holiday Vacation Club wants its guests to return, they want everyone to feel safe doing so. Since the Safe Guest Program has come into play, the staff has welcomed many guests back to the resort. They are starting to fill up the reservation book again, as this program is dedicated to putting the guests’ health first.

Safe travels are more than just face coverings and social distancing. People who have a Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership don’t have to worry about wasting it this year. The Safe Guest Program ensures every guest will relax when they travel because no surface is left unsanitized.

Not only has the club introduced stricter cleaning protocols, but it also makes sure every common area is prepared for the guests to have fun safely. From switching the menus to devices that can be disinfected to making sure there is hand sanitizer in every area. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has implemented many health and safety changes.
Guests who have been back to the resort are more than impressed with the effort the club has made. They’ve noticed the staff working hard to create a safe and relaxing experience for all guests.

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