Gain the agility and resilience to be competitive, enhance the customer experience, improve revenue opportunities, and reduce costs

DENVER, CO, March 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — With over 25 years in the technology industry, Jeremy White joined Zia as the Director of managed/hosted services. His focus is to drive customer value by streamlining processes and practices in SAP and content management.

Zia Consulting, Inc is a systems integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. Zia helps businesses better manage, process, and secure documents with enterprise automation, federation, integration, and automated governance. Their new managed services offering ensures agility and resilience by handling critical applications and infrastructure for its’ customers.

“The overwhelming majority of people in the industry recognize that they can deploy two to three times more capability within a twelve month period by leveraging managed and/or hosted services. This means organizations can quickly enhance the customer experience, improve revenue opportunities, and reduce costs. We fully expect our customers to derive the same value and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our managed service offering”, said Mike Mahon, President and CEO.

Strong demand for these critical offerings provide customers with the immediate business agility to rapidly deploy new platforms, automate and implement processes, and remove the burden and delays associated with managing applications and platforms internally.

“I’m thrilled to be joining a company with such an immense and diverse talent pool. They have a proven track record of generating value with their customers. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to help Zia expand their existing offerings to include managed and hosted services so that our customers have what they want and need to remain competitive. Managed and hosted services give them the ability to launch and implement new initiatives that result in quick wins to their businesses. Customers will be able to stay ahead of the pack and resolve staffing shortages by leveraging the best talent in the industry”, said Jeremy White, Director of Managed/Hosted Services.

Managed Services
In traditional Zia fashion, they plan to work with each customer to customize their baseline offering to meet their individual needs. Managed services is a natural extension for support and technology organizations.

Zia’s programs consist of flexible managed services offerings, including:
– Managed services of existing on-premise applications that allow customers to redeploy critical internal resources to value-add projects.
– Managed hosted services of new platforms that leverage the latest technology stacks in the cloud. This allows customers to rapidly deploy new capabilities that solve their business problems and meet new requirements.
– Replatforming services to move on-premise application environments to the Zia cloud, or the customer’s existing cloud provider.

These services include industry standard service level objectives such as 99.+% uptime, patching and upgrades, deployment of new features, and a stellar customer experience.

In 2023, Zia Consulting is highly focused on enterprise automation by utilizing their expertise in converting unstructured content into structured data that enables full automation of core back end processes.

Mike Mahon, President and CEO shared “We’re very proud to announce the launch of our new managed services and hosting business. We went through a long and thorough process to onboard Jeremy. He is a perfect fit for our culture, business, and clients. Under his leadership, we are excited to provide our clients with a seamless end-to-end solution for their automation and content management needs. By integrating our industry-leading RPA, intelligent document capture, and enterprise content management technologies with our robust hosting infrastructure, we’re empowering organizations to unlock unprecedented efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantage. Our managed services and hosting offerings help free up the customers’ critical IT and business resources to focus on their business while we manage their infrastructure and critical applications.”

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Zia Consulting is an award-winning system integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. We address the needs of enterprises to better manage, process, and secure documents by automating business processes and enhancing information governance. Our vertical accelerators for insurance, mortgage, accounting, manufacturing, and manages/hosted services are utilized by some of the world’s largest enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk.

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