Kemtrak’s advanced photometer features dual-wavelength technology, enhancing product quality and facilitating regulatory compliance

AUBURN, CA, July 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — South Fork Instruments, a leader in precise measurement solutions, is excited to announce the release of the Kemtrak DCP007, an easy-to-operate industrial fiber optic colorimeter designed to enhance the precision of color measurement in various industrial applications, in-line and in real-time.

The Kemtrak DCP007 incorporates dual-wavelength technology that accurately assesses the true color of liquids by compensating for elements like turbidity and window fouling. This method ensures highly reliable color assessments, critical for maintaining product quality and adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Dual Wavelength Precision: Utilizing a primary visible (VIS) wavelength to determine the overall liquid color and a secondary near-infrared (NIR) wavelength unaffected by the sample’s color, the DCP007 provides exact true-color measurements critical for quality control.

Robust Design: Equipped with durable LED light sources and industrial-strength fiber optics, the DCP007’s inline optical measurement cell is designed for continuous, reliable operation in challenging environments.

Extended Measurement Range: The device extends the conventional limits of the Platinum-Cobalt (Pt-Co) color scale through absorbance photometry, enhancing its utility for a broader spectrum of applications.

Configurable Options: The DCP007 is available in UV, VIS, NIR(L), and NIR(H) configurations to suit diverse industrial requirements, ensuring versatility across various applications.

With low maintenance needs and an efficient design, the Kemtrak DCP007 reduces total ownership costs. It offers a cost-effective solution for ongoing color monitoring, ensuring precise control over long periods without frequent recalibration.

John Daly, Technical Director at South Fork Instruments, comments on the launch: “The Kemtrak DCP007 is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern industries where color precision is crucial. Its ability to deliver consistent and accurate measurements helps our clients maintain stringent quality controls and meet environmental compliance more effectively.”

From ensuring the purity of drinking water to monitoring the quality of industrial chemicals, the Kemtrak DCP007 serves as an essential tool for various sectors. Its reliability and ease of operation make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their quality assurance processes.

For more detailed information on the Kemtrak DCP007 or to discuss specific measurement needs, please contact South Fork Instruments or visit the South Fork website.

About South Fork Instruments: South Fork Instruments, based in Auburn, Calif., is an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products serving the Americas. The company’s cross-industry experience translates into a unique ability to identify, develop, and implement innovative measurement solutions. The state-of-the-art instrumentation products provide reliable, low maintenance, high-value results for plant control and quality improvement for a wide range of industry segments, including chemical plants, breweries, refineries, mining, power generation, food processing, offshore/onshore oil production, and pipelines.

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