– Seoul Startup Hub Announces the results of its 100-day incubation of the Startup Development Platform “Startup Autobahn.” with Mercedes-Benz

– Mercedes-Benz Korea unveiled 11 handpicked promising startups

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — – The final company selected receives opportunities to move into the Seoul Startup Hub and commercialization support, Opportunity to develop commercialization technologies for commercialization at Daimler.

– Strengthen cooperation with global conglomerates to provide global growth momentum for domestic innovative technology startups.

Seoul Startup Hub, along with Mercedes-Benz, a German global company, will select promising startups with mobility innovation technologies and jointly advance overseas.

In addition to Mercedes-Benz, “Seoul Startup Hub” has been establishing an incubating and accelerating system for excellent startups with global conglomerates such as OB Beer, S-Oil, DB, and Binggrae since 2019.

Seoul Startup Hub (CEO Hyun-woo Kim), the city’s leading startup support organization, held the performance presentation ‘Expo Day’ at COEX Auditorium for two days from December 13th, with 11 startups selected through the German Daimler Group (Mercedes-Benz parent company) through the startup discovery and development platform “Startup Autobahn.” It was broadcast live online on the Startup Autobahn YouTube Channel (https://startup-autobahn2021.kr/)

The ‘Startup Autobahn’ is a global open innovation platform established in 2016 by Daimler Group to solve various needs related to Daimler mobility through innovative technologies and services of startups.

Since its launch in Germany, it has been held in the United States, China, and India to discover a total of more than 5,000 startups, and Korea hosted the world’s seventh ‘Startup Autobahn’ last year.

Thomas Klein, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Korea, Boyoun Hwang, Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Hyun-woo Kim, CEO of the Seoul Business Agency, will attend Expo Day. The announcement of the final results of startups, the disclosure release of actual products and services, and on-site exhibitions of vehicles equipped with startup solutions were held.

‘Startup Autobahn Korea’ has been based on a cooperative system for discovering and fostering startups established between Seoul Startup Hub and Mercedes-Benz Korea since 2019.

Seoul Startup Hub and Mercedes-Benz Korea are working closely to support startups with excellent capabilities and potential to enter the global market in the field of mobility and artificial intelligence.

In particular, ‘Startup Autobahn Korea’, which will be held for the second time this year, will be held with SK Telecom and LG Electronics. In the case of SK Telecom, 5 out of 11 companies will be selected (5G Enterprise), pilot tests will be conducted with SK Telecom’s field departments for 100 days, and results-based joint commercialization, investment, and global expansion will be carried out. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to continue to strengthen its “Startup Development and Collaboration System” by expanding partnerships with domestic companies and conducting joint commercialization such as recruitment, selection, and technology verification.

The development results from 11 promising domestic startups in various fields, including connected car commerce, 5G-based security and inspection solutions, and metaverse-based services, which have been conducted by Seoul Startup Hub and Mercedes-Benz Korea since September this year have been announced during ‘Expo Day.”

Seoul Startup Hub and Mercedes-Benz Korea conducted a 100-day project for development, mentoring, and pilot programs (commercialization technology and product development) from September to November after a startup selection process in May.

In particular, “Selection Day,” the day when the 11 companies were selected, was held in September at the “Try Everything 2021” event involving global startup ecosystem experts and 1,064 startups from 20 countries around the world.

Participating startups were provided with opportunities to have an expert mentoring and networking, attract investment from venture capitals, and get spaces and equipment for development as well as opportunities to conduct joint projects and learn systematic strategies with field experts.

Seoul Startup Hub plans to continue supporting the 11 innovative technology startups for commercialization technology development and success in entering the global market through close cooperation with Daimler headquarters in Germany after “Expo Day.” The startups also get opportunity to be incubated at Seoul Startup Hub.

Seoul Startup Hub (SBA) and Mercedes-Benz Korea will intensively support fostering and commercialization of startups, including follow-up local acceleration and support for the final selected companies to enter Germany.

In particular, the German Daimler headquarters supports the final selected startup’s local accelerating and technology development in Germany. If the mobility solution technology of startups will be highly developed and combined with Daimler vehicles in the future, startups can expect to reach the stage of joint venture establishment or M&A.

Tae-hoon Lee, Head of Startup Division of SBA , said, “Startup Autobahn will be a good opportunity for domestic startups with excellent technologies in the mobility field to enter the global market.” In the future, we will continue to strengthen growth support through networks with startup ecosystem players such as global conglomerates, VCs, and the Korea International Trade Association so that our startups can dominate overseas markets based on excellent innovative technologies, he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021, released by the U.S. Startup Genome, a global startup ecosystem analyst, Seoul’s Ecosystem Value is estimated to reach 47 Billion USD, and its ranking was 16th among 280 cities in 100 countries around the world.

11 startups to give presentations at STARTUP AUTOBAHN Expo Day

DATAKING(Seon-kyu Park) / Metaverse Training Academy / Certified pre-owned car sales system using metaverse technologies

Langcode(Min-joon Kim) : Automation of Q&A process between development unit and business unit (BU), AI chatbot-based All-in-One collaboration tool for SW development organization

DoubleMe(Hee-kwan Kim) : Metaversity – a real world metaverse service for education based on 5G MEC, Twin World: Real world metaverse to create and share one’s own fantasy world in real space

IMMERSIVECAST(Chang-hee Han) : 5G MEC Network linking test using Cloud VR, Next-generation VR solution company leading the VR world

DeepFine(Hyun-bae Kim) : Ultra-realistic XR manual and experience-based virtual Mercedes contactless vehicle guidance service, Special challenge to change the world through smart glasses

mAy-I(Joon-hyuk Park) : CCTV-based showroom analysis, Tech startup that develops ‘image processing AI’ to collect various data from offline visitors

LINKFLOW CO. LTD.(Yong-guk Kim) : 5G-based remote solution for safety, security and inspection, Develops and manufactures wearable cameras to be used in various fields, such as industry, entertainment and security, starting with the world’s first 360-degree neckband camera

PLUXITY(Jae-min Yoon) : Platform building combining 5G digital twin factory, Company specialized in web-based integrated IoT operation platform

OWiN(Do-kyun Jeong) : Development and operation of connected car commerce, Company realizes a connected car service for drivers by connecting users and affiliates

VEStellaLab(Sang-soo Jeong) : System building to provide last mile navigation for indoor parking lot linked to T-map parking, AIOT that develops video-based autonomous driving and indoor parking solutions

Bitglim(Jin-hyung Park) : Bitglim digital content streaming service, Solution to remotely stream and manage cultural and artistic content on the display

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