NinaData is reshaping the use of contextual advertising technology in the digital political advertising landscape to reach audiences based on voter issues and sentiments in a privacy-first way.

HELSINKI, FINLAND, June 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — NinaData, an innovator in contextual advertising solutions, today announced the release of its groundbreaking contextual generative AI political advertising platform, enabling political advertisers and creatives to find audiences and publishers according to voter personas, voter issues, and sentiment.

As a contextual-first platform, the platform is designed to address the pressing need for privacy-first, cookie-free audience targeting in political marketing. This innovative solution empowers political advertisers to effectively reach their target audiences by advertising in a contextual environment that aligns with the sentiment and voter issues. NinaData’s page analysis can recommend the optimal placements for ads based on the content types found within the page structure.

According to recent projections by Insider Intelligence, political advertising spending in the United States is poised to surge by 30% this year compared to the 2020 presidential election, as polarized voters donate more to their candidates and fundraising platforms make it easier to donate to multiple campaigns. Emarketer puts the digital ad spend at $3.46 billion in 2024. The need for efficient audience-targeting solutions has never been more critical.

NinaData’s generative AI-based political advertising platform operates on a robust framework built upon comprehensive data sets derived from U.S. election dynamics. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the platform categorizes voter personas, issues, and sentiment analysis to enable precise audience segmentation and targeting, ensuring marketers spend only on their intended audience.

Particularly useful in swing states or regions, NinaData’s platform can distinguish between fact-based and sensational content and identify where the issues lie on the liberal-conservative spectrum. For example, it can find contextual content related to “Negative sensationalist Economy-related Conservative content for Swing Voters in Nevada.”

“How consumers vote informs several other behaviors, including where they shop and how they consume media. NinaData can help political advertisers identify these groups and media placements to tailor their message and make sure they aren’t wasting spend,” says NinaData CEO Valtteri Pukander.

NinaData Political Marketing has been designed and integrated into its custom-built demand-side platform (DSP) with a number of features and a roadmap for continuous innovation:

Precise keyword-level page analysis: Continuous page-level analysis of URLs across the web and in programmatic bid requests that exhibit the strongest correlation with specific keywords.

Real-time semantic targeting: Real-time semantic targeting that deconstructs web page “meaning” at the word level to improve performance against display ad inventory based on voter persona, meaning, sentiment, influence, authority, and emotional connection.

Exact-match keyword-targeting: Exact-match keyword-targeting, with the strongest semantic disambiguation where multiple meanings exist, on highly relevant web pages.

Cost-effective and high-quality engagement: High-intent audiences for clicks or conversions at a fraction of the cost of high-demand keywords in search engine bidding.

“As an advertiser, NinaData’s platform enables you to pinpoint the content and inventories that evoke emotions in the electorate and allows you to place ads contextually with 90%+ accuracy,” says Kimmo Valtonen, General Manager and CTO at NinaData. “Our innovation in contextual and semantic solutions and strategic vision for the emerging political marketing field aims to significantly advance Internet advertising.”

NinaData builds technology to help brands to engage with in-moment audiences in their natural habitat. We offer industry-first solutions for advertisers, programmatic advertising players, and content owners to interact in a meaningful and privacy-safe manner. NinaData’s flagship solution is a real-time contextual data platform for driving in-moment online results for brands. Using purpose-built AI for semantic analysis, NinaData builds sustainable data value and insights for brands and content owners. For more information, visit

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