Kwumsy P2 PRO Multi-Function External Screen, 13.3”-17” laptops are instantly turned into a three-screen device that expands visualization options, stops the constant switching and allows users to see more and work better.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, January 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The future of digital multitasking is here. Transforming a single-screen laptop into a tri-screen powerhouse, Kwumsy, a Chinese manufacturer specializing in tri-screens for all laptops, unveiled the world’s first portable tri-screen supports one cable to extend two screens and supports all types of laptops, including Mac M1 laptops. According to Kwumsy CEO Brant Tan, this innovative and revolutionary breakthrough product will change the way users experience displays and handle multitasks.

When the Kwumsy team conducted market research, they learned that many digital professionals had been grappling with the issue of Apple’s M1 chip only supporting one extended screen, hampering their efficiency and productivity. So, the product design team worked on a product to provide a solution based on the market research findings. While introducing the product to the market, the senior marketer at Kwumsy says they are focused on the R&D of 3C electronic products. Therefore, they rely on strong R&D and production capabilities to develop indispensable multi-functional display devices, providing customers with the appreciated value. “Our R&D centers are fully equipped with modern testing laboratories to improve product overall performance,” said the Kwumsy senior marketer while revealing that the revolutionary tri-screen was a product of intensive research and response to market needs.

“Since Kwumsy’s inception, we were committed to developing digital display equipment, helping our clients seamlessly integrate tech into their lives with everything they need to live, dream, and do,” said Kwumsy chief administrative officer while adding that their current product is an additional revolutionary tool that will enhance future work.

Kwumsy P2 PRO Features

Support M1 Chip
The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro use Apple’s self-developed M1 computer chip, only supporting one extended screen. Kwumsy has solved that problem with its portable tri-screen. The Kwumsy P2 Pro triple-screen developed a dedicated computer driver with the software on the mainboard to allow you to use a Type-C 3.1 cable to connect to the screen.

Only Need One Cable
Kwumsy P2 Pro triple-screens only needs a Type-C cable to expand to two screens. It also supports PD charging and can charge the laptop through portable monitors. Kwumsy P2 Pro multi-function external screen can also support the expansion of two screens for old laptops with only USB-A interfaces.

Easy-To-Use Design
With just one button, the bracket opens to the largest size and pushes open to adjust to a suitable size. When the bracket is clamped to the top of the laptop screen, it is stable without the need for any other accessory.

Signal Output and Power Supply in One
Kwumsy P2 Pro portable triple monitors can adjust brightness, contrast, and other parameters independently. The full-functional Type-C port can support a video signal output and power supply in one without an expansion dock.

Users new to triple-screen displays may be worried about compatibility with their devices. Kwumsy reassures installing drivers or software to use tri-screen displays will work on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android.

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About Kwumsy

Founded in 2014, Kwumsy deals in new, innovative display equipment development, their products include multi-screen monitors, USB-C hubs, and keyboard products, designed to enable working across different screens at once. They have focused on continuous growth while providing their customers with the best display equipment. Their research and development centers are fully equipped with modern testing laboratories and provide products that improve performance and deliver higher productivity.

In mid-2021, Kwumsy launched Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. By thoroughly understanding the needs of their customers, they have continued to research, develop, test, and launch innovative technology products to shake the world. They have always focused onward and upward with a dedication to innovation, quality, and trust. Their customers rely on them to provide dependable products and support without hesitation or compromise.

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