Esteemed political consultant and international democracy advocate, Lesley Israel, unveils the highly anticipated fifth installment of her acclaimed podcast series, Work That Matters, which focuses on her celebrated career in politics.

EASTON, MD, December 05, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the last episode of Work That Matters, Lesley Israel took a sharp left turn to discuss the importance of family, inviting listeners to peek into her past and enjoy a series of anecdotes that were, in turn, happy, sad, funny and interesting—sometimes even all at once. Lesley was as comfortable talking about family as she usually is talking about her profession. And while it may not be fair to call the new episode a return to form—which implies a dip in quality when in fact there’s been anything but—let’s just say Lesley Israel is getting back to work!

Episode Five of Work That Matters arrives today was recorded a few weeks ago on Election Day, which Lesley & Co. felt was appropriate given the subject matter. This new installment is all about political campaigns; old ones, new ones, what’s changed, what remains the same. And there couldn’t be a more suitable guide through this unique world than Lesley Israel, who has spent her entire adult life—and parts of her childhood—immersed in the world of politics and government.

In this fifth installment, Lesley discusses her time on the Hubert Humphrey campaigns, as well as those of Teddy Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and Birch Bayh. She also discusses political strategy and what it takes to get the job done.

“I’ve had an extraordinarily rewarding career in so many ways,” explains Lesley, “But managing campaigns was always something I felt particularly passionate about. There is a palpable energy on any campaign trail, which culminates in Election Day. There’s nothing in the world like it. It’s democracy in action.”

It is no coincidence that this interview with Ms. Israel was initially recorded on the day of midterm elections. The folks who make the Work That Matters podcast a reality, particularly Lesley Israel herself, believed it to be the perfect occasion to go back in time, while also looking ahead.

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