CAMAS, Washington — A Washington man assume he discovered a prop that was disposed during shooting of the Reese Witherspoon motion picture Wild in Oregon’s Mount Hood wilderness.

It’s a standout amongst the most emotional scenes in the film: Witherspoon’s character coincidentally sends a climbing boot off a cliff, so she tosses the other one into the wild in dissatisfaction.


That scene sent Chris Kesting energetically. to action.”When I saw that, I said, I realize that place. I’ve been there before,” Kesting said.

He and a companion set out in ahead of schedule March for Tom Dick and Harry Peak close Mount Hood Ski Bowl in Government Camp.

He thought it was unlikely that the boots were still there, knowing the group tried its hardest to clean up after filming, yet his interest drove him to hunt at any rate.

“It’s a really steep cliff down to the base and I realized that you couldn’t go straight down to where the boot would move, so I needed to move back around the posterior,” Kesting said. “So I was down there perhaps 15 minutes or thereabouts, glancing around, and I was just about prepared to surrender when I saw the red bands of the boot.”

Kesting recorded feature of what he discovered: A Danner boot, made in Portland, much the same as the pair Witherspoon wore during filming in that area in 2013.