The Always Beautiful movement is about to release their first women-led NFT collection: U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful; the brainchild of burn survivor, Kelly Woodhouse (Falardeau).

EDMONTON, AB, March 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Falardeau is a burn survivor (who was called the ugly scar-faced girl) and Best-Selling Author who is dedicated to helping others feel beautiful and loved even with their imperfections. She has been featured on TEDx twice, was named Fierce Woman of the Year, and has written six International best-selling books. In 2020, she was named one of the Most Inspirational People by Global TV and was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021.

Social media and society bombards women and teens with messages they must be flawless to be beautiful and loved. Falardeau says otherwise.

Falardeau wants to change the dialogue in women and teens so they realize they don’t have to be flawless to be beautiful and loved. She started the U.G.L.Y. movement as a safe haven for anyone who wants to feel beautiful, no matter their age, size, skin color, disabilities or what the uninformed would call ‘imperfections’.

Falardeau says “The U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful movement is dedicated to breaking the mold of beauty standards. The movement is all about learning to love and accept yourself as you are. No matter what you look like or the disabilities/imperfections you are facing.”

The U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful community of like-minded people aims to empower and inspire people to feel beautiful no matter what imperfection or disability they are facing.

Along with the NFT, founding members will receive U.G.L.Y. t-shirts and an event ticket to the U.G.L.Y. conference.

At this conference, Falardeau and other experts will teach the real meaning of U.G.L.Y. [Unique Gorgeous Lovable You is Always Beautiful] so women and teens can learn where true beauty comes from.

With this launch on April 2 (at the All About NFT’s online summit), the U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful movement looks forward to recruiting more founding members so they can continue its work of fundraising for important causes and breaking the mold of beauty standards and empowering people around the world to feel beautiful inside and out.

The pieces in this NFT collection are original chalk paintings created by Falardeau. They are unique, timeless and their subjects relatable to many, ensuring a reach that is both personal and global.

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