A powerful new form of brainwave entrainment has been developed, boasting a variety of mental enhancements that is completely free. Memory, intelligence, concentration, passive learning, motor skills, math skills and more can all be improved.

ATHENS, GA, January 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Brainwave entrainment is the less commonly known method of using sound or light patterns to emulate an altered mental state. While programs claiming to emulate the mind state of drugs have been proven ineffective there are mental state improvements which can enhance mental abilities and are therapeutic to mental health problems. While these are by no means a substitute for your medical physicians medications prescribed these programs can work with said treatment programs. The use of brainwave entrainment has been found in various studies to have an impact on mental health and mental facilities when using the binaural beats method.

The use of binaural beats plays a tone in the left ear and a tone in the right ear. The higher tone as measured in hz minus the lower tone in hz equals the binaural beats frequency. Choosing a specific frequency to focus on and also a tone increase or decrease to get to that frequency causes an entrainment of a mental state. This simple practice can be emulated with nothing but a pair of headphones and some simple sound files such as MP3.

The Tri-Tone Method of brainwave entrainment is unique from other forms of brainwave entrainment and is a trade secret of The Magus and The Joker Intelligence Agency. In addition to the double tone from the binaural beats the Tri-Tone method uses three different binaural beats at once which change slightly in hz and in volume. The use of three different binaural beats at once, the changing in volume and the changing in hz of these three different beats in a very specific perfected pattern creates the Tri-Tone Method.

The best part of all this is that you can access this package free online. The author was more interested in making something that helped people, than he was in making money. The author has released this brainwave entrainment package on his website, The Joker Intelligence Agency. You can try out the package for free and download it as MP3 files you want to keep using it.

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