“You’re like really pretty” is what they’re saying about this largest outdoor art gallery in Texas

FORT WORTH, TX, January 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Everything’s big in Texas. It’s certainly known for it, and if you’ve ever driven across it, you know big sure does come with the territory. So little wonder that when Texas makes an outdoor art gallery, it’s gonna be big. And the biggest outdoor art gallery in Texas is right here in Fort Worth.

This impressive outdoor art gallery is part of the Fort Worth Design District – 40 acres of commercial spaces that attract the tenancy of creative professionals across myriad fields, from fashion and design to architecture and technology and more.

“The Snap & Share Art Walk brings a lot of visitors here,” muses Jennifer Knittel, the district’s Marketing Manager. “We are very excited to add a new floral banner to the selfie stops,” said Knittel.

While not snapping selfies to their hearts content, visitors to the district grounds can enjoy other open-air attractions such as the Golden Triangle Dog Park, which features two sections – one for big dogs and one for small. Fake fire hydrants too, no kidding; though don’t tell your canine things aren’t always what they seem.

“Whether you want to open up shop and hang out your shingle, selfie in awe at the big art, or let your pooch have its day in the sun, this is the place,” says Knittel. “We look forward to sharing the new attractions on the art walk with all of our visitors,” added Knittel.

About Fort Worth Design District
Fort Worth Design District is located at 1949 Golden Heights Rd. in Fort Worth, TX 76177. With its sprawling 40 acres of commercial spaces, as well as the Snap and Share Art Walk and the largest outdoor art gallery in Texas, the District is proud to be dog-friendly with its inclusion of the Golden Triangle Dog Park.

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