New Korean Natural Cosmetic Collection — Now Available on Amazon USA

SEOUL, KOREA, May 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rudia Fragrance has launched its products on Amazon for easier and secure transactions. It’s a cosmetic brand that strives to improve the quality of products by using natural ingredients and the finest ingredients. They create unique and beautiful cosmetics in the world with different designs.

The products cover a variety of skin issues and are made for those having trouble skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, need moisturizing, deep cleansing, whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection and functional cosmetics.

Rudia Fragrance’s New Wrinkle Remover Stick Balm is one of the most best selling products which 1 is sold every 80 seconds and is also a pick of Korean famous actress, Yeo Jin from recent Korean Drama ‘Holo Love’. How amazing is that? Other Korean famous celebrities have used Rudia Fragrance’s cosmetics such as Jun Hyo Seong with the Crocodile Cushion Foundation, Hyun Young with Reborn (Weight Loss Detox Supplements) and other Korean influencers.

Best-selling products from the collection:
• Rudia Fragrance New Wrinkle Remover Stick Balm – anti-wrinkle balm effectively eases the wrinkles on your face, helps anti-aging and gets rid of frownies.

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• Rudia Fragrance Crocodile Cushion Foundation – containing all-natural ingredients, natural sourced Crocodile Oil for repairing your skin. Use this makeup with makeup puff included for natural skin tone correction.

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• Rudia Fragrance Crocodile Oil Cream – non-irritating cream helps people with sensitive skin, to moisturize their skin without any irritation and can be used not just by women but men as well.

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• Rudia Fragrance Crocodile Oil Soap – contains crocodile oil extract which adds nutrients to the skin with rich fatty acid that can be used as face wash for sensitive skin.

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• Reborn (Weight Loss Detox Supplements) – containing Agio Dietary Fiber and Garnisia Cambogia Extract to accelerate metabolism for losing weight; help the management of fat and toxins in your body.

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• Power Delete Diet Supplements – Conjugated Linolelic Acid (CLA) for weight loss and daily vitamin supply which also controls blood cholesterol to help your body healthy.

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Natural ingredients are being used by Rudia Fragrance to give you a whitening and wrinkle improvement, enabling both makeup and skincare at the same time, to people who are worried about sensitive skin, and helps your skin with antioxidants and lessens irritation in your skin.

About Rudia Fragrance — Rudia Fragrance, a cosmetic brand made for your everyday comfort skincare since established in 2013.

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