Along with providing health related benefits, these natural Plant based materials are capable enough to engage you with mouth watering sweet treats, and make your skin smooth and youthful along.

DELHI, INDIA, June 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The blistering Indian Summers are not new to anyone, and if you have not bucked up for this season yet, then you should do it now., the largest store for Ayurvedic Herbs and Puja Worship Items, has launched a new range of Summer related Products. The company has recently displayed and promoted the whole new summer category on its main front page of its ecommerce portal. These summer essentials can be ordered online, and are extremely useful to make your summer fun, and stress free.

The summer collection is gaining a swift popularity, and the website rakes in a 5% hike in the orders with in the first week of launch of its summer special products. The category comprises of the products like Gond Katira, Khas Root, Bel Fruit Powder, Aloevera Gel, and Sandalwood Powder among many others.

Gond Katira also known as Badam Pisin and Tragacanth, is proving itself as this summer bestseller. It is cooling in nature, and is widely used in Drinks, Mocktails, Salad Dressings, Puddings, Cakes and Sweets. It adds rich flavour and thickness to your dishes. It is very helpful in curing almost all stomach related issues like Dehydration, Digestion, Stomach ache, and Nausea. Gond Katira is also very beneficial for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Khas Root widely known as Vetiver Roots and Ushira, is another hotseller of this season. It will bring back your love for summers. These are the roots of Khas Plant. It adds rich aroma, and flavour to your drinks, and other cuisines. It is also cooling in nature, and give your stomach a much needed refreshness and cooling in summers.

Bel Fruit is another summer essential and is known as Bel giri and Bilva in India, and in summers its sharbat is refreshingly cool and is a boon to the people who like the chilled drinks to beat the heat. You can make an instant and delicious Sharbet and Drinks with Bel Fruit Powder.

Let your skin revitalize and feel nice with IndianJadiBooti Sandalwood Powder. It is pure and edible, and can be used both for edible and cosmetic purpose. It was hugely under appreciated product, but have started getting its well deserverd respect this summer season. You can add in your cuisines, and sweets, or you can give yourself a healthy and glowing skin by adding it in your facepack. It is also an instant Tan removal if you make a face pack with Sandalwood Powder and Milk. Apply it generously on all face, neck, arms and legs, and other body parts to remove tan. Let it dry a bit, and then massage it gently in circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it with cold water, and apply a thin layer of Moisturizer. Dont forget to add it in your daily skincare routine. It is nourishing, and will add a new life to your skin with in few days.

IndianJadiBooti Aloevera Gel is an easy bet and, one of the most demanding products in all seasons due to its purity and no any added color and aroma feature. This super soothing gel is thick and makes your skin glow like a sun shine. It open pores and helps to smooth your skin’s texture, minimize blemishes and scars, and provides your skin a much needed moisture. It absorbs quickly in your skin and makes your skin look hydrated.

Preety Jain, COO, provided insights on how this decision of launching a new category was hatched. The website was getting lots of demands and suggestions by its regular customers through its social media channels like facebook, Instagram Twitter and You Tube that there should be some specialized summer products category that helps the people shed away Indian Summer’s scortching heat. IndianJadiBooti, always giving its customers well deserved attention did not make delay to hear this request also, and made this a reality with in short span of time.

The trust on Ayurvedic natural plant based products has been increased in recent past years, and more and more people are reaching back to its roots, and have started following the Traditional Ayurvedic Regime. IndianJadiBooti is the topseller of these Ayurvedic Products.

Some of the featured category in which IndianJadiBooti deals are

Skin and Face Care
Hair Care
Sexual Wellness

IndianJadiBooti is based in India with offices in Delhi and Noida. It serves thousands of Pure Raw Herbs, Edible Seeds, Dry Flowers, Spices, Dry Fruits, Gums and Resins and other edible and costmetic products online. The Herbs are authentic, pure, and are of the Best Quality. IndianJadiBooti prides itself in providing pure and premium quality products.

Currently, IndianJadiBooti sells Ayurvedic Herbs through its own website, and through marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. The company has direct collaborations with many national and International Courier Partners, and delivers the Product across all pin codes in India, and across the globe.

IndianJadiBooti has a presence on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, and enjoys a great fan following.

With a motive of providing the best customer experience to its customers, IndianJadiBooti now has become a household name, and the one-stop shop to purchase the herbs.

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