If we want to avoid future pandemics, preserve the Earth for future generations, and protect our own health and spiritual integrity, then there is only one answer.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, January 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today’s society is evolving at an unprecedented rate with information being conveyed at blazing speeds and a global pandemic that has forced us to rapidly redefine our lifestyles. We have changed our behavior in ways that we couldn’t fathom just one short year ago. And not surprisingly, a major shift that is exponentially changing is our culture surrounding food. The vegan movement is growing so quickly that Wall Street and other world financial exchanges are seeing a growing surge of Vegan IPOs.

The vast majority of restaurants now offer vegan options, chain restaurants are racing to come up with the best plant-based burgers and pizza toppings. Family dinners are bound to have a friend or relative who has stopped eating meat altogether, which further propels the conclusion: It is now time that our evolving culture changes to a mainstream vegan lifestyle and our global governments adopt vegan law.

The evidence for such a change is stronger than ever, with prominent scientists from health and environment fields backing the societal shift.

In Her message, Supreme Master Ching Hai a World-renowned spiritual teacher, artist and humanitarian, presses the importance of implementing vegan law, meaning banning all animal products across the world. Animal farming and the various business branches that emerge from it are not only brutal in terms of moral wrongdoings but also endangers our life on Earth. Exploitation has replaced compassion and kindness and so a law that applies vegan practices around the world is the only way to reach physical and spiritual salvation.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s message is a plea for help to all the government bodies and leading parties around the world who have the power to implement new laws as well as to all world citizens. Her words of wisdom and foresight are a wake-up call to make everyone realize the damage that has already been done and how that can be reversed by widespread adoption of a plant-based diet. If we want to avoid future pandemics, preserve the Earth for future generations, and protect our own health and spiritual integrity as well as prevent war, then there is only one answer.

With all hope and deepest sincerity, you are invited to watch this important message at the link below by Supreme Master Ching Hai, for humanity to join us to pray for World Vegan, World Peace every Thursday and Sunday at 9pm Hong Kong Time.


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