Forever Stocks and Your Portfolio

CHICAGO, IL, February 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Would you like to learn the best ways of identifying stocks which you should purchase…and never sell? If so, then you should read an interesting essay entitled “Wheel of Fortune” ( which is found on Anthony Rhodes’ popular How To Invest blog ( Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (

“As far as stocks go, these are the get ’em and forget ’em variety”. he opened. “Forever stocks are exceptionally rare, but when you identify one, it should strongly be considered for becoming a mainstay within your portfolio.” he added.

Within the article, Mr. Rhodes explains not only how to recognize these types of stocks, but also what makes them so valuable in the first place. He further chronicles why forever stocks live up to their monikers as timeless resources, and why they should become must have additions to the portfolios of long-term investors.

“No investment is fool-proof, but these types can definitely make a considerable argument for getting close to it.” he continued. “By exploring the nuts and bolts of these uncommon products, we can gain a greater understanding of their timeless nature, and I delve deep into this concept within the post.” he closed.

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