Top funded luxury spirit startup, ONE ROQ, has surpassed over $2M in cumulative funding from the crowd as of last week, and announces an official closing date of February 9th 2022 for latest offering at:

NEW YORK, NY, January 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ONE ROQ Spirits, producers of award-winning vodka brand, ONE ROQ, has raised over $2M from just under 5,000 global investors, becoming top funded wine & spirits startup utilizing regulation crowdfunding. It has raised just under $1M in 2021 alone.

To get a sense for ONE ROQ’s momentum, according to, the average crowdfunding campaign raised just $28k in 2021 (

ONE ROQ’s funding success has been attributed to investors attraction to the brand’s unsurpassed vodka quality, chic design standards, and novel online brand-membership platform,, where subscription unlocks portal to luxury brand ownership; compliant, direct-to-home delivery, discounts, exclusive content, community voting, member spotlights, weekly music drops, destination events (to return in 2022), complimentary drinks or 65% off bills at up to 1.6M premier bars, restaurants, night clubs and hotels in top cities, and more is on the way. As of last month, cash- based referral rewards, NFT and Metaverse applications were announced as part of 2022 kick off plans.

“ONE ROQ is assembling the building blocks of a next-generation experience brand centered on rewards that will decimate competing brand value propositions,” shares Garrett Green, Founder “…and the really exciting harbinger is that we’ve only exposed a fractional percentage of the market to the brand to date…”

In December, 2021, ONE ROQ reported trending year-ending sales up over 35% and membership growth up 40% compared to the prior year (not including merchandise or subscriptions). ONE ROQ is projecting another strong growth year in 2022.


ONE ROQ is a private-public, luxury adult beverage and technology company with offices in Buffalo NY and San Diego, CA. ONE ROQ was founded by CPG entreprenuer, Garrett Green. ONE ROQ’s lead technology engineer is Heath Hettig. The company is currently completing its second, consecutive seed round and is set to close on February 9th, 2022.

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