The initiative will focus on the importance and potential outcomes of digital assets and securities

HONG KONG, April 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Lagen Investment, a global provider of advanced investment strategies and asset management solutions to forward-thinking investors, with an emphasis on delivering quality and excellence in all aspects of performance, is pleased to announce its participation in a new format conference that will gather executives from leading asset management and investment businesses to share, debate, and assess a wide range of market services, products, and advancements. The major focus will be on the role of non-traditional assets in financial development.

Lagen Investment has supported innovation and industry expansion strategies since its inception, aiming to engage with an increasing number of financial industries in order to sustain a competitive advantage as an outstanding asset manager. One of the aspects of the global financial market where the company is focusing on improving its insight is non-traditional investing.

The digital finance spectrum spans a broad variety of new services, products, and technologies, from digital investment firms to blockchain technology and blockchain-enabled assets. Because of the fast global adoption of this new realm of wealth creation, Lagen Investment strives to be knowledgeable and up-to-date about the sophisticated improvements within the digital finance sector.

“We will attend this Executives Conference to examine and debate key areas of future market developments, such as digital investment dynamics, challenges, and possible solutions. The initiative was supported by our Board of Directors, and it intends to motivate similar involvement where experts from various investment management firms can join to evaluate current and future market situations”, said Tuan Niao-Ka, Member of the Board of Directors.

About Lagen Investment is a leading asset management company that provides a wide range of financial solutions comprising guidance, development, and investment strategies. Proprietary research, a collaborative culture, and a great deal of experience define our insights into innovative investing and wealth preservation. We conduct in-depth, on-the-ground fundamental analysis to find the most compelling opportunities with portfolios that are significantly different from benchmarks.

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