The rush of competition and combat will run through their veins when the two rivals meet on the battle field on July 15th at the KCCC in Kansas City. 

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — It could easily be the name of an expensive fragrance for men.

“Backgammon. For the sophisticated gentleman.”

It smells like custom tailoring and cigar smoke.

A game Roger Moore as James Bond chose to challenge his arch enemy Kamal Khan in the movie “Octopussy”, dressed in a white dinner jacket and bow tie.

It represents the era of the smoky glamour of hotels, bars and clubs in which the rich and wealthy gambled on high-stakes games.

Its original name used to be “Tables” until around 1645, when the word “Backgammon” first appeared in print.

Such games have been a part of human social activities for millennia. Challenging an opponent to see which one has the better strategy. Finding the best plan of action how to get to the finish line first. It’s a little game of war on a table setting – a battle between two minds.

This time around those minds belong to Conquistadores del Cielo and Wolf of Los Angeles.

The rush of competition and combat will run through their veins when the two rivals meet on the battle field on July 15th at the KCCC in Kansas City.

As the Romans back in the day the two players are enamored with the game that used to be proclaimed as the sport of the emperors. They will follow a long line of ancient leaders, clerks and aristocrats of the mid ages as well as knights in shining armor to see which one of them can bring victory home.

Wolf of Los Angeles is defending his title as reigning champion after his triumphant win at the last tournament two years ago.

His challenger is hungry though to take his place at the top and give the Californian canine a smell of bitter defeat.

It will most likely be a head to head race between two professional combatants that will have the audience at the edge of their seat and sweat dripping down the neck of the contenders.

As Backgammon enthusiasts well know – the element of unpredictability is what keeps the game interesting and fun. The players will have to prove their skills to succeed in the long run and hope Lady Luck is on their side.

Maybe they should start praying to her now since the match will surely be a clash of titans. Both opponents are ready to fight to the blood to see their last stone leaving the board.

We can’t wait to see the outcome of this epic showdown – let the game begin!

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