Why It’s The Music Business Podcast You Won’t Want To Miss…

ANN ARBOR, MI, August 13, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Music Business Liberation today launches The Modern Musician Podcast. This milestone is a major move for Music Business Liberation on its mission to evolve and modernize musical artistry.

“We want to advance and upgrade the toolset, heartset, mindset, and skillset of musicians from traditional to modern musicianship,” says Jamie Leger, Founder and CEO of Music Business Liberation. Author of the book The Modern Musician, Creator of Modern Musicianship.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

Initiative or accomplishment #1 – The Pioneers Study: Pioneering Modern Musicianship with this study of successful independent artists.

Initiative or accomplishment #2 – The education and transformation from Traditional Musicianship to Modern Musicianship.

Initiative #3 – Pioneering Music Business Coaching, which includes Grassroots Career Development and Optimal Performance Coaching.

We want to help artists self actualize, elevate and integrate their soul into their vision and mission, and achieve complete Music Business Liberation.

To learn more about The Modern Musician Podcast, checkout this long awaited Best Music Business Podcast.

About The Mission: Music Business Liberation is both our organizations name and our Mission dedicated to the world class education, coaching, training and service of independent musical artistry. The Mission is about changing the way artists think about their music careers, the way they develop and grow their music business, the way they connect and engage with their fans, and the way their fans experience independent music.

Our objective is to help indie musicians upgrade from traditional to Modern Musicianship and thrive in the modern music business.

To help artists grow their career more effectively than a major label, on their own terms.

To operationalize them as Modern Music Business Owners.

Music Business Liberation is the Mission is to help build a better music business for indie musicians by empowering the direct connection and engagement with their fans via the modern toolset. Modern Musicianship is the technology created by Jamie Leger birthed by the Artists Revolution to help artists, musicians, creators and dj’s live their best life and be their best selves. It integrates modern artist development, modern music marketing, modern operations management as well as music business coaching which includes grassroots career development and optimal performance coaching to give artists, musicians, and creators the path to achieve their success. Their Music Business Liberation!

We are currently conducting a study on successful Artists in the modern music business. Artists and Creators are at the dawn of their revolution and the modern music business, if you’re a leader in the music business or a successful music artist we want to talk with you! We are conducting a study looking for 50 independent music businesses that are on the leading edge. Who have achieved success in their career. If you think you qualify for this and want to be apart of this study it will greatly benefit the entire artist/musician and creator communities. Please contact [email protected]

To listen to the first episode of The Modern Musician Podcast click here.

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