Havoc was set forth today by a group of religious followers who were outraged against a musical project, a musical album. The church of Scientology has banned the new concept album release by Chancius due to its explicit language about the afterlife and the connection between human nature and technology.

Scientology is a religion based on the ideas of the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and his system of fulfillment and self-knowledge. Believers follow a path  to understanding themselves and their capabilities. Ultimately, they wish to find enlightenment and freedom through spiritual means.


Said album, Bando, has infuriated the spiritual followers to physical violence. After repetitively informing followers and believers to NOT listen to the musical work and to NOT have anything to do with it, the church leaders discovered a small organization within the following run by people who approve and listen to the music, regardless of the threats.


Quickly, a small section of New York was turned upside down in disrupt after the church confronted these disloyal followers and punished them for listening to the album. They were physically beaten and verbally abused with sections of their Scientology learning’s. After the public humiliation on the listening group, they loudly set a movement forward to banish any followers found guilty of listening or obtaining the contraband.

We’ve experienced banishment and punishment due to the musical powers of one man’s experience through the afterlife. Scientology has become increasingly aware of the media’s involvement with this case and has publicly spoken out claiming no connection with the album, Bando, and seeking peace down the path of forgetting this ever happened.

We won’t forget.

Visit the website : http://www.chancius.com/