This June 5th, celebrate World Environment Day by discovering and supporting these five up-and-coming #Nature TikToks passionate about nature, wildlife, and travel in 2024.

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — As we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, Seen & Heard Media has released its list of top five up-and-coming TikTok content creators who deserve a follow from those who are passionate about nature, wildlife, and travel destinations. Here are the five #Nature TikToks you should follow in 2024:

1. Welovetoexplore (@welovetoexplore)
Welovetoexplore is a nature lover who explores the great outdoors with her adorable dog. Through cinematic videos and photos, her TikTok account features nature walks and hiking trails. Accompanied by her furry friend, her videos add an extra touch of joy and heartwarming presence to her adventure, making her content both visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

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2. Nathan Barba (@nathanbarba276)
Nathan Barba is a nature enthusiast and traveler based in the United States. His TikTok account showcases stunning videos and photos of diverse hiking trails, beaches, and tours. Nathan’s content not only highlights the beauty of nature but also provides valuable information and recommendations for travelers seeking new adventures and destinations to explore.

His recent videos feature a variety of experiences, such as kayaking through the mangroves in Sarasota, FL, watching turtles in Hawaii, and sharing trip photos from his journey to Alaska.

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3. Lily Mayanna (@lilymayanna)
Lily is a traveler in her thirties who shares her adventures from around the globe. Her TikTok account, @lilymayanna, is a colorful digital diary on her diverse travel experiences, stylish outfits, and personal growth. Her photos and videos take her followers on a journey filled with breathtaking views, tasty cuisines, and the joys of exploring the world in her thirties.

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4. TripwithMe20 (@tripwithme20)
Discover rare wonders from around the world with @tripswithme20. This account shows breathtaking destinations and hidden gems through drone-shot videos, offering a 360-degree view to some of the most exclusive locations in the world and immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of nature.

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5. The Biggs Escape (@the.biggs.escape)
This adventurous mom of three from Wales copes with life’s challenges through hiking, travel, and laughter. Her account features her family’s outdoor escapes across various nature walks and hiking trails, all captured through the lens of her loving family. From her creative video-editing style to the heartwarming content with her kids, she spreads positivity and inspires others to find strength in nature and create cherished memories together.

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These 5 TikTok accounts are up-and-coming creators who share the wonders of nature and stunning destinations. By following and supporting them, you can enjoy breathtaking visuals and informative content while contributing to the growing community of nature lovers and travelers on social media. As we celebrate World Environment Day, let’s embrace the beauty of our planet and inspire others to explore and protect it. Happy World Environment Day!

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