Interactive App-Book ‘The Lion King Gaby and Sugar Witch’ series has been Released which can be used for preschool children aged from 3 to 7

ANYANG, KOREA, June 29, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — ‘D&P Corporation’, which won the Excellence Award for Electronic Publishing Awards 2016, announced that it has released interactive App-Book ‘The Lion King Gaby and Sugar Witch’ using augmented reality.

The features of ‘The Lion King Gaby and Sugar Witch’ series App-Book are, a limited touch considering the children’s eye development degree, position point and the various colors that has been used. In addition, D&P Corporation has narrated the story that mom and dad wants to tell and teach to their children through e-book production technique and story, rather than simply entertaining story.

The previous augmented reality contents were mainly with colorful graphics and a somewhat formal image, but as the D&P Corporation’s App-Book was designed for preschoolers aged from 3 to 7, it has been produced with soft and emotional image.

It is composed of intuitive illustration, so that the children who does not know the text can easily understand through looking at the scene, and by using the 2D based original source, the MR techniques has also been applied that can be used without marker.

Currently, ‘The Lion King Gaby and Sugar Witch’ series App-Book has released up to season 3, and augmented reality is applied to all series. The price is 11,000 won which includes free app.

Meanwhile, D&P Corporation as a specialized company for 2D type augmented reality, with the series of ‘The Lion King Gaby’, it possesses more than 70 books and 100 types of contents. It has completed contents export contract to China, Taiwan, and Italy.

The official of the company said, “Teaching tools of The Lion King Gaby series are being released and the direction that D&P Corporation aims is to develop contents which has enhanced the learning ability as well as to meet the eye level and emotion of children simultaneously.”

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