Angel’s advocate a foretelling verse

NEW YORK, NY, May 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — DMX worked on a collaboration with ITN FLIX for a movie soundtrack “The Sinners Prayer” (release date 2022) for the song GTI. On August 1st 2020 DMX went to work in an LA studio where his verse was recorded, which just so happened to mark a 14-year anniversary of his hit single Lord Give Me a Sign. That day DMX mentioned how he could not wait to start working on his own visions of work based solely around Jesus and no longer work under a shadowing label. He is and was known for his strong faith in Jesus which is why he agreed to being a part of the soundtrack for this film. The film is faith based and dedicated to redemption.

His lyrics in GTI speak about death and having faith in knowing god will take him when it’s his time. The team working on this project could not have imagined a few months later he would be hospitalized and gone so suddenly.

X was very humble and pleasant to work with during the project. He reached out to the production company eager to be a part of the soundtrack. He was sober and spiritually sound. Unfortunately, he was not able to be a part of filming the music video since he was already on another project with his album Exodus.

No one knew the music video would be foretelling as it showcases a gravestone with X’s name. It reads: “Earl Simmons, born to the flesh May 5th 1998 died to the flesh Feb 2nd 2021”. The dates symbolize when he released his first secular album following with the date of when GTI was released. At the time this was a symbolic message in alignment with his verse on death and redemption.

Once the GTI video was released, X called the production team informing them that he accidentally used the same verse in a song that would be coming out on his album Exodus. This has never happened in the history of music. X wanted to make it right and as a godly man he agreed to finding a solution saying, “obedience is better than sacrifice”.

The GTI video hit 30K views in less than a week! The song was a hit and DMX hadn’t released anything in this genre for years. A few weeks after DMX’s death, the video was taken down on YouTube. The process is still being worked out as to why and there has yet to be any comment back from Def Jam, Swizz Beats, or DMX’s estate. A copy of the video is available upon request. Could this be a case of good vs. evil?

The verse is very powerful with so much more behind it now than ever. His new album has not yet been released so we cannot confirm if this powerful foretelling verse will be used on his album Exodus.

You never know when your time will come, but this verse clearly states that X had faith in God knowing when it was his time. The production team states how lucky they are to have had the opportunity to work with such an influential messenger and are humbled knowing such words can be shared in more than one piece of his work. Is this an angel’s advocate on a foretelling verse? Rest in Peace Earl Simmons.

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