Bottles Waiting offers a risk-free, comprehensive platform that optimizes staff efficiency, elevates VIP experiences, and simplifies general admission processes at no cost to bottle service venues.

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Introducing Bottles Waiting, a cutting-edge platform co-founded by Tim Bird (CEO) and Michelle Grinnell (President/COO), designed to address nightlife venues’ bottle service, general admission, guest list, and comp management challenges. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and registered in Delaware, Bottles Waiting enables venues to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations, resulting in increased revenue and loyalty – all without upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Bottles Waiting’s all-encompassing suite of tools not only elevates the VIP experience, but also simplifies pre-paid covers, guest list management, and comp management. This innovative solution benefits promoters, VIP hosts, VIP model cocktail servers, managers, owners, and door staff by providing seamless integration and efficient workflow.

Qualified venues even receive free iPads to use Bottles Waiting’s iPad apps, ensuring a smooth transition to the platform. Imagine the advantages of knowing how many pre-paid general admissions are sold, which tables are reserved and pre-paid, and which bottles to stock for upcoming events. Streamline service, reduce unproductive trips to tables, and gain access to valuable analytics for past, live, and future events.

Michelle Grinnell, President/COO of Bottles Waiting, who works with potential and new venue clients of Bottles Waiting, expresses her excitement: “Thrilled to make a positive impact on bottle service venues, enhancing experiences and boosting efficiency!”

Bottles Waiting provides dedicated sites for venue staff:

Venue Owners:!/venue-ownership
VIP Model Cocktail Servers:!/VIP-Model-Cocktail-Servers
VIP Hosts and Promoters:!/VIP-Host-Promoters
Embrace Bottles Waiting’s technology to deliver the ultimate VIP experience and unforgettable nights, keeping patrons coming back for more. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit the venue website at or follow Bottles Waiting on social media.

Bottles Waiting Inc. is a seed stage cutting-edge technology startup focused on revolutionizing the nightlife industry by providing innovative solutions for venues, consumers, and nightlife professionals. Founded by Tim Bird (CEO) and Michelle Grinnell (President/COO), Bottles Waiting is dedicated to enhancing the VIP experience, streamlining general admission, and improving guest list and comp management. With seamless POS integration (with some POS systems), the Bottles Waiting platform offers a comprehensive suite of apps, mobile sites, and websites designed to optimize operations, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction for both nightlife consumers and venue staff. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and registered in Delaware, Bottles Waiting is committed to transforming the way people experience nightlife, one unforgettable night at a time. For more information, visit (consumers) or (venues), and follow Bottles Waiting on social media. Bottles Waiting Linkedin: . For media inquiries, contact Co-Founder Michelle Grinnell at [email protected].

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