Indonesians are offered with a new delivery service, that has already proved itself in more than 12 countries around the world

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, April 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The founder of the PingDelivery service, Mergen Chumudov, announced the launch of the company’s operations in Indonesia.

“Continuing expansion into international markets is a strategic goal of our company. We believe that in the next decade, Southeast Asian countries have great potential in e-commerce field. We are opening a PingDelivery office in Indonesia and hope that our service will make delivery quick and convenient for thousands of Indonesians. Indonesia is a rapidly growing market and has free niches in the field of delivery in comparison with the developed countries, so it is an opportunity to take a place with a high-quality delivery service. Indonesia is the most technologically advanced country in South-East Asia, with a great penetration of the Internet, various services and social networks, which distinguishes it from other countries of Southeast Asia. Moreover, because of the cheap advertising services, the cost of attracting the audience is lower than the world average. The launch of the service in Indonesia will allow integrating every citizen of the country into a global e-commerce system. We see that demand for Internet purchases is growing, and the main obstacle for the development of e-commerce in this region is the complicated conditions for deliveries. We want to offer the Indonesian online buyers a high-quality delivery service,” says Mergen Chumudov.

About PingDelivery: PingDelivery is a service on the verge of logistics and IT, which is created for convenient and affordable package delivery as well as simple payment of Internet orders. PingDelivery creates and consolidates a universal delivery network around the world, which includes more than 12 countries at this moment and performs as a conductor of e-commerce activities in emerging markets. The company has developed an IT platform that automates, formalizes and simplifies the delivery process at every stage of the cycle. More information about the company is available on:

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