Nibav Lifts Launches Innovative Series 4 Home Lifts

CHENNAI, INDIA, June 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nibav Lifts has launched its highly anticipated Series 4, Series 4 Max home lifts, aiming to revolutionize home mobility. The launch event in Chennai highlighted the brand’s dedication to safety, elegance, and technological innovation.

A key feature of the Series 4, Series is the Rapid Rescue Latch (RRL), designed to allow quick and safe evacuation by rescue teams during emergencies. The RRL enables the easy removal of polycarbonate glass, ensuring fast passenger extraction and emphasizing Nibav’s commitment to safety.

The Series 4 also introduces the Midnight Edition, a special version with a dark, sophisticated color scheme. This home elevators edition offers an elegant and mysterious look, perfect for those who appreciate refined aesthetics. Despite its stylish appearance, it maintains the same space efficiency and innovative design Nibav is known for.

Durability is another highlight of the Series 4, featuring the Carbon Seal Motor 2.0 with a lifetime warranty. This motor protects the lift’s internal parts from dust, debris, and moisture, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. The lifetime warranty underscores Nibav’s confidence in the product’s quality.

The launch event was well-attended by industry experts, potential customers, and media representatives, providing an opportunity to experience the new home lifts firsthand. The Series 4 lifts are customizable in many ways, including doors, flooring, light fixtures, and wall finishes. They also feature touch-screen landing displays and have the largest cabin size in the industry, measuring up to 1500mm by 1500mm, with a weight capacity of up to 240 kg. An overload detector system alerts users immediately if the weight capacity is exceeded.

The CEO of Nibav Lifts emphasized the company’s focus on affordability, safety, and quality.

“Our goal with the Series 4 is to offer residential elevators that are affordable yet do not compromise on quality or unique features. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure it meets and exceeds customer expectations.”

The Series 4 home lifts come with GSM connectivity, allowing users to stay connected for maximum safety. The Series 4 Max variant includes extra features such as floor-restricted access, custom floor names, and personalized voice assistants, enhancing user convenience.

Nibav Lifts, headquartered in Chennai, specializes in air-driven lifts. Established in 2019, the company is known for its safe, innovative, and internationally standardized home lifts. With operations in the US, Canada, Malaysia and Australia 10+ continues.

The Series 4 home lifts mark a significant milestone for Nibav Lifts, reinforcing its position as a leader in the home elevator market and setting a new standard for innovation and elegance in residential mobility solutions.

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