Metaverse NFT Game – A Combination of Industrial Aesthetics and NFT

SINGAPORE, October 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — NFTs have been continuously sought after in recent years because of their scarcity and the value-anchoring ownership properties. Currently, NFT is a shiny path to riches, with artist Beeple’s NFT work ‘First 5000 Days’ selling for as much as $69.346 million and CryptoPunks’ one NFT avatar topping out at 4,434 ETH, worth around $13+ million. According to CoinGecko data, the overall market cap of the NFT industry reached $12.7 billion in the first half of 2021, an increase of nearly 310 times compared to 2018. According to NonFungible data, NFT transaction size reached $754 million in Q2 2021, up 3,453 percent year-over-year and 39 percent sequentially.

Currently, NFT projects mainly focus on art collectibles, gaming assets, and the Metaverse. However, the threshold for participation in art collectibles is high, both in terms of the art creation process and the increased investment threshold, making it difficult for ordinary users to participate in them. The Metaverse and games are relatively very friendly because both metaverse and blockchain games are in the early stage, and the platform will also lower the threshold to attract users so that users have a rich and exciting game experience as well as lower participation cost, so they are also more popular among the public.

Today, we will share an exciting blockchain horse racing game called “MetaRace,” a game developer aiming to build a racing meta-universe with many award-winning game designs. As a recently born blockchain game, it has just released the designer hand-drawn concept draft of in-game horse racing on September 30. Blockchain games modeled after offline horse racing will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-replaceable and replaceable Tokens, respectively, to underpin the economic model.

Concept draft of MetaRace robotic style horses – View Image

There is no doubt that the MetaRace mechanical horse has a very sci-fi look. I believe that many people are particularly fond of science fiction movies with mechanical, mecha, and action elements, which belong to men’s romance. For example, “Iron Man” series, “Transformers” series, “Pacific Rim” series, such movies usually show a fantastic, full of the high-tech world, through the collision between mechs and machinery, intense drama, and perfect special effects, so that people are delightful.

From the official release of the concept map, MetaRace contains science fiction elements, machinery, horse racing, speeding, etc. And the NFT horse will be divided into six parts of the horse displayed, such as Engine, Front leg (drive) gear, Rear leg (drive) gear, Horsehead, Electronic reins, Horseshoe. Specific details as yet undisclosed, I suspect that players will probably be allowed to freely put together or modify accessories to upgrade racehorses, which undoubtedly meets the dream of many people to become a mechanic.

You will find that there has never been a game in the history of blockchain games that can precisely capture the dreams of different people in each era. MetaRace corresponds firmly with the elements of each generation – the Cold War era, the glory of the knights of the Golden Horde; the Industrial Revolution era, the cult of steam rushing technology; the modern and future. The current and future era is the technological dream of the rapid development of technological civilization. I can say that MetaRace’s horse racing game is a history of friendly exchange between blockchain games and human industrial aesthetics. We can fully expect a meta-universe that rivals Iron Man, Transformers, and Pacific Rim. This MetaRace meta-universe contains the impact of technology on the times and the reflection of man on technology, including machinery, technology, modification, and racing.

And as a blockchain game, MetaRace will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-replaceable and replaceable Tokens, respectively, as the support of the economic model. This means that in addition to the project Token, each horse race in the game is an independent NFT asset, and as of now, NFT looks like a road to riches, so MetaRace’s horse race NFT has a very high investment value. There is no official announcement yet on the specific way to get horses, so the game is still at a very early stage and well worth watching. You can follow MetaRace’s Discord, Twitter, Facebook to get more news.


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