Infresh provides scholarships for Filipino Korean War veterans’ descendants, strengthening Korea-Philippines ties.

NEW YORK, NY, July 04, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Infresh, a Korean company, has taken a touching and heartfelt step to support the descendants of Filipino veterans who fought in the Korean War of 1950. The news moved local residents to tears, highlighting the deep gratitude and respect between the two nations.

Elderly Filipino veterans who participated in the Korean War have long faced financial hardships, with many passing away still concerned about the future of their descendants. Their last wish was for their children to have access to education. Responding to this wish, Infresh has stepped forward to provide scholarships, ensuring these descendants can attend school and aspire to a better life.

During the Korean War, Filipino soldiers made significant sacrifices for the freedom and peace of Korea. In recognition of their bravery, Koreans have organized various outreach programs to aid their descendants. This support extends beyond financial assistance, embodying a heartfelt expression of gratitude and respect.

Infresh, a small business facing its own challenges, stated, “We can’t turn a blind eye to heroes. It’s our duty to help their descendants.” This sentiment resonated deeply with the locals, bringing many to tears. The company’s commitment has significantly impacted the descendants, who now have the opportunity to dream of a brighter future thanks to the educational support.

A local resident expressed, “I can’t believe that Koreans still remember us and help us like this. It really touched my heart that they haven’t forgotten the sacrifices of the veterans and care about future generations.”

This initiative goes beyond mere support; it reaffirms the deep ties and shared gratitude between the Philippines and Korea. The descendants of Filipino war veterans are profoundly thankful for the generosity of the Korean people and have pledged to strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

Infresh has announced plans to continue its support for the descendants of Filipino veterans, ensuring that this bond of friendship and mutual respect grows even stronger. This heartwarming gesture promises to brighten the future for both nations.

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