A New Technology to prevent dresser tip-overs

WASHINGTON, DC, March 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/— At last, what has been needed, since at least the year 2000, is a practical and effective solution to prevent injuries and deaths of little children by dressers tipping over. And it is now available. The founder of Surefix Solutions, LLC, Jean-Francois Orsini, Ph.D., has been awarded US Patent 11,178,968 B2 on November 23, 2021, “Drawer Dresser and Drawer Cabinet with Stabilization Device”.

According to a Consumer Reports of August 28, 2021, every 60 minutes a child is treated in a hospital emergency room for injuries related to a furniture tip-over. There have been at least 2 recalls of defective dressers but they failed to alert owners. Dresser owners are instructed to anchor their furniture to the wall, but two-third of owners do not anchor, despite a Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency, having set up the “anchorit.gov” web site. The New York Times, in a January 6, 2020, article, announced that IKEA had to pay a $46 million settlement to the parents of 2-year-old Jozef Dudek killed by a dresser and $50 million to the families of 3 other children killed by toppled over furniture.

The newly patented technology is an implementation of an incredibly old law of physics. To prevent an object to topple in one direction it takes a counterweight to counter the toppling. Many new dressers are manufactured with light materials and most often sold as kits to be assembled by owners. The manufacturers are not about to add 50 pounds of steel or lead to be used as counterweight. But they can include in their kits sturdy plastic bags, for the purpose of having the buyers fill them with enough pounds of water.

The business plan of Surefix Solutions is to license existing furniture makers and sellers to add a Surefix solution to their products to save children as soon as possible and on a wide basis with non- exclusive licenses. Please contact us at GoSureFix.com to enroll your support.

Contact us at GoSureFix.com

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